Propur Big

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  • Recommended for 2-4 people
  • 2.75 gallon capacity
  • Standard # of filters: 2 Maximum # of filters: 3
  • Height: 21.5” Diameter: 9.25”
  • High quality polished or optional brushed stainless steel Embossed Propur™ Logo

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The Propur™ Big is essential for an emergency preparedness plan for you and your family. It is economical, convenient and easy to use. The system requires no electricity to provide reliable water filtration just about anywhere whether at home, office, vacation, camping or college dorms! Works with just about any water source including tap, lake, river, stream, pond and rain water. Ideal for emergency or daily use. Each container is made from one piece of high quality polished or brushed(optional finish) stainless steel for lasting durability and attractive appearance. The system comes equipped with two ProOne® G2.0 7” All-In-One contaminants & fluoride filter elements and can be expanded up to three filters.

BE PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES- This gravity fed filtration system requires no electricity, providing clean, drinkable water for you and your family in any emergency situation. You don’t have to be a survivalist or a prepper to understand the value of a clean glass of water during a natural disaster.

CLEAN, ProPURIFIED WATER – The ProOne G2.0 filters help remove harmful contaminants and chemicals from your drinking water. They reduce or remove heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, chloramines, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and much more. Beneficial minerals like calcium are left behind for great tasting, healthier H2O.

LONG-LASTING FILTERS – Propur’s ProOne G2.0 filters will last up to 6 months with regular daily use. Our filters are infused with silver to help prevent bacterial growth, leaving you with convenient, worry-free drinking water. ProOne G2.0 series “all-in-one” filters are NSF/ANSI -42 component certified and independent lab tested and are compatible for use with Berkey systems.

2.75 GALLON CAPACITY – The Propur Big is a great water purification system for 2-4 people making it an excellent choice for small families. A convenient and economical way to provide clean drinking water while camping, traveling on vacation, or even in your college dorm room. The Big system is 22.5″ tall and 9.25” in diameter.

HIGH QUALITY 304 STAINLESS STEEL – The Propur Big is made from an easy to clean, polished stainless steel. It is resistant to corrosion and rust, and it will look great on your counter. It’s lasting durability makes it ideal for daily use. Use indoors or outdoors. This system includes 2 ProOne G2.0 7” filter elements, 1 stainless steel spigot, and 1 non-slip pad.


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Polished w/ 2 7" Filters, Polished w/ 3 7" Filters, Brushed w/ 2 7" Filters, Brushed w/ 3 7" Filters, Polished w/ 2 7" Filters (Damaged Packaging)

Wire Stand for the Propur Big

no stand, additional wire stand required

4 reviews for Propur Big

  1. Nerissa W.

    I received the Propur Big in polished and I can’t be more happy now that I know our drinking water is actually safe for consumption. Thank you!

  2. Layla

    This system works well and looks great. 5 stars because it looks sleek, is a breeze to put together and gets the job done. I have well water and was concerned about what was in it.

    I may get my well water tested as well as a sample of the water “purified” with the ProPur, I would be interested in seeing the results. The water tastes good as well. If I get the water tested, I will update my review.

  3. Patty Gilmore

    I’m already beyond satisfies with my Propur Big just having two filters. No leaks, and no after taste. The stainless steel is very solid and just by touch, I can feel that it is very durable. I’ve done enough research before the purchase an I feel safe that the filters can remove most if not all of the dangerous impurities I wouldn’t want my family to consume. The polished look also makes it more stylish and eye-catching that it trains my kids to take water from it rather than regular tap. Just for a slight differentiation, I did a small test with the unit. I drank water from my Big for a week straight and then went back for a sip on the tap. It just isn’t the same. After being accustomed to clean drinking water, I can already get a rancid after taste from the tap water I use to drink. No more tap for me and my family since Propur is now taking care of us.

  4. Gladys

    To think I was second-guessing myself into this purchase, I can’t get enough on how great the Propur Big is on our daily water consumption. The water absolutely tastes great! It is lightweight and yet you can feel how durable the construction was based on how solid the stainless steel feels to touch. Very early in the morning before I take a bath, I already fill it up so the filters could work. It’s ready once me and my family is about to eat breakfast. I just love how it also makes me feel secure knowing that I have access to lab tests done on its performance. I don’t think I’d go back to drinking tap when I have a four-year old daughter that’s very susceptible to any water-borne illness.

    I love the fact that I can turn it on like a regular faucet and not have to hold it! It also comes out fast and saves time! I had a different brand plastic one before this one and I like this one so much better! The only down side is that I can’t see how much is in the bottom without lifting the top part but still like this one better!

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