Giving Back

Every purchase you make through Plant Based Pros helps animals who are not as fortunate. Your purchase will help protect animals everywhere – from the farm to the wild. Not only do your purchases promote a healthy and sustainable diet, but you also save animals from cruel conditions.

5% of proceeds from your purchase is donated to the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI). AWI focuses on ending the torture inflicted on animals by humans. AWI helps laboratory animals, companion animals, farm animals, marine life and endangered wildlife.

We chose this charity, because 90% of the funds raised by AWI goes to promoting programs. Additionally, AWI has received the highest ratings by both  CharityWatch (previously the American Institute of Philanthropy) and Charity Navigator.

Our mission is to protect animals and giving back is core to our model. Every animal that we save is powered by the support of people like you.

Update 06/03/20

In light of the new rule that allows for the cruel practice of killing bear cubs in their dens, we are also donating to the Center for Biological Diversity to help fight this rule.

Meet Nina, Our Sponsored Lamb

From your proceeds, Plant Based Pros was able to sponsor Nina, a 6 month old lamb that was rescued by two samaritans and taken to the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. In her short life, all Nina has known is torture and fear, but you are giving her a second chance at life. May she live out the rest of her life in peace and happiness. Learn more about her story here!