Alkaviva H2 Fluoride Shield



If you’re concerned about Fluoride in their drinking water, the UltraWater Fluoride Shield offers protection. The Fluoride Shield was designed for use in the AlkaViva Dual Filter water ionizer to remove Fluoride and Arsenic. This filter, the result of two years research and development, contains an advanced all natural, chemical free media. Fluoride Shield is part of the new technology UltraWater Filter, patent-pending,  product set designed reduce virtually all contaminants in tap water to non-detectable levels.

The UltraWater Fluoride Shield Filter is generally effective in processing up to 500 gallons of water.  The capacity will vary depending on the amount of Fluoride in your water.  A general estimate for a 1 to 2 person household is that the filter should be changed every 6 months.  When installing in your AlkaViva Athena it should go in Postion #1.

Specifications –

  • Fluoride and Arsenic Removal to non-detectable level
  • Filter Media – All Natural Proprietary Material, AlkaViva Patent Pending
  • Capacity – Up to 500 Gallons depending on Fluoride ppm
  • NSF Certified
  • MADE in USA


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