Ankarsrum Original AKM 6230 Electric Stand Mixer, 7.4 Quart

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  • Stainless steel and carbon steel construction
  • Includes a 7 liter Stainless Steel mixing bowl, dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook, dust cover lid, a 3.5 liter BPA/BPS Free Tritan plastic mixing bowl, multi-wire balloon and single-wire cookie whips
  • All metal, chrome plated zinc, speed control and timer knobs
  • Mixes and kneads smooth, silky, elastic dough quickly
  • 7 year manufacturer’s warranty on the motor assembly

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The gold standard of mixers for bread baking, the Ankarsrum Assistant Original was the first Swedish kitchen machine when it was launched in 1940. This uniquely designed machine, mixes dough better than any other residential stand mixer. Strong and powerful, your bread will rise higher and have better texture when mixed in an Ankarsrum. With its 7 Lt. stainless steel bowl, mixing 12 lbs. of dough is just as easy as mixing 1 lb. of dough.


Turn the machine on its side to use the optional Meat Grinder/Mincer Attachment and your Ankarsrum lives up to the name “Assistant”. You now have absolute control of the meats you feed yourself and your family! Why stop there?! Use the Sausage Horns to create the flavor profiles you desire with homemade sausage.


Using the optional Citrus Press Attachment, squeeze your own juice for the perfect vitamin boost each day. There is also a Blender attachment for making smoothies and soups.


Designed for the modern kitchen of 1940 yet just as practical for the millennial kitchen of today!

Basic Package Includes:

  • 7L stainless steel bowl
  • 3.5L Double whisk bowl assembly (bowl, whisks, head gear, and shaft)
  • Dough hook
  • Roller
  • Scraper
  • Spatula
  • Dust cover / accessory bowl
  • Cookie Beaters
  • Removable power cord
  • Instructional DVD
  • Owners Manual

Available OPTIONAL attachments include: flake mill, grain mill, blender, citrus juicer, meat grinder, food slicer/shredder and 3 different pasta rollers. For the meat grinder there are optional attachments: pasta discs, nut grater, strainer, cookie extruder, 3 different size meat discs


  • Powerful and quiet 600 watt motor features self adjusting speed control. Includes 12 minute timer and bowl speed control (adjusts from 45 to 130 rpm.)
  • Unique engineering puts the motor in the bottom of the unit. A movable steel arm holds the roller with a separate scraper that simultaneously rolls and kneads dough and batter.
  • Mixer may be turned on its side to accommodate a variety of attachments purchased separately. These include a meat grinder, vegetable slicer, blender, citrus press, strainer, grater, pasta discs, flake and grain mills and cookie press.
  • Large plastic beater bowl whisks meringue, creams butter and icing and holds up to 18 egg whites.
  • Weighs only 19lbs. with stainless steel bowl and fits conveniently under overhead cabinets on most kitchen counters. Rubber feet and solid construction keep mixer in place during operation.
  • Dimensions: 14.25W x 19D x 14.25H
  • WARRANTY: 7 years on motor base and 1 year on attachments

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Gloss White, Red, Creme, Black Chrome, Royal Blue – Matte Finish, Orange, Light Creme, Black Diamond, Jubilee Silver, Forest Green – Matte Finish, Ocean Blue – High Gloss Finish

4 reviews for Ankarsrum Original AKM 6230 Electric Stand Mixer, 7.4 Quart

  1. John

    I LOVE this machine! I know it isn’t the cheapest, but if you want something that works – effortlessly, here’s your machine. It’s VERY well made and looks great on the counter. It’s not as noisy as many when running and it blasts through bread dough effortlessly (my primary use), but is also great at mixing anything else.. Plus you can add attachments to perform a range of other kitchen duties such as grinding meat, making sausages, grinding herbs and spices, etc.. the heart of an awesome kitchen assistant. I had a couple of other very well known brands prior – NO comparision!

  2. Ankarsrum Love

    Best machine I’ve used for kneading dough. Love it in my kitchen!

  3. Alice

    I’ve had mine for 15 years. I thought I ought to add a review that may help others considering purchasing this. There is a bit of a learning curve in getting things right with this mixer but there are a lot of helpful sites for this. A beautiful thing about this mixer is the count down timer you can set it and walk away to do something else. Keep in mind this mixer kneads well and fast. I find it takes about half as long many times to knead dough than either of my planetary mixers. As to the mixer itself it is a workhorse. There is nothing I can throw at it it cannot make.

    I make a lot traditional German gingerbread, a dough that has honey and molasses in it needless to say it’s like mixing wet cement. My Kitchen Aid couldn’t handle the task at all and my made in England Kenwood made a valiant attempt but failed as well. Mine didn’t come with a dough hook but I purchased one later for a few specific types of dough but generally I use the roller. What makes this mixer a stand out is how the roller kneads the dough. It mimics hand kneading in a way no other mixer can making for some fantastic bread!

    Durability wise it’s flawless. Mine has the old plastic knobs and never had an issue. I have not replaced a single thing on this mixer and it runs as well and quiet as it did the day I bought it. Another great thing to love is it has never walked the counter on me. Something to keep in mind as well is that the design of this mixer never truly changes much. So parts like the roller,scraper, bowl, whisks, attachments will fit older models. The only thing that I have found that isn’t exactly the same is the dough hook and they produce both types that fit even older mixers than mine. this is really nice knowing that when you spend that much money on a mixer it won’t be obsolete parts wise a few years down the road.

  4. Linda

    I teach cooking classes and bake bread. I bought this when my kitchen aid (Professional 600) broke again after being repaired once. This mixer seemed to be a great choice for a bread baker. Although I often make bread using high hydration dough that doesn’t require kneading, my brioche recipe gets kneaded 10-15 minutes. The kitchen aid couldn’t handle this – vibrated around the counter and got very hot. The mixer also comes with a second bowl with beaters for mixing other doughs and batters. I really appreciate the ease of seeing inside the mixing bowl and ease of adding ingredients. I also like that the mixer has a timer on it. Fantastic in handling bread dough.

    The Ankarsrum mixer has many attachments like the Kitchen Aid. I still have a second Kitchen Professional 600 that still works and since I invested in many of the Kitchen aid attachments, I will continue to use them unless this one breaks. I also have a small Kitchen Aid Artisan that I purchased because the 600 hundred was too big for small amounts of dough common to many home recipes – the beaters don’t get far enough down in the bowl unless​ used with only partial attachment. I used the Ankarsrum to make 2 small test batches cookie dough and it worked great.

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