Ceado ES500 Commercial Juicer (ES-500)

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  • Whisper Quiet – it is the quietest juicer on the market today
  • Highest yielding juicer as proven in yield tests against competition
  • No tool required to disassemble the juicer as it is magnetized; easier to clean
  • Pulp container fits tightly behind juicer eliminating pulp blowing out of machine; optional through the counter chute available
  • Comes with a one year parts and labor warranty
  • The lowest maintenance juicer on the market with the lowest cost on spare parts
  • Weighs nearly 25 lbs. less than some competition
  • Globally NSF and UL approved
  • Operators love using the juicer due to its lighter weighted parts, user friendliness and ease in cleanability
  • High volume, centrifugal juice extractor
  • Ideal for the preparation of juice such as beetroot, pineapple, apple, mango, celery, ginger and carrot
  • Extra wide feed chute to easily fit whole apples, carrots etc
  • No tooling required to disassemble
  • Stainless steel bowl, juicer basket and blades
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Can juice 10kg of fruit a day

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The new ES500 is not only more compact and lightweight, but also more functional and quieter than ever. Each component has been redesigned specifically for extracting fresh juices from fruits and vegetables with automatic pulp ejection. The practical design is ideal for medium size juice bars that consume up to 10 kg of fruit a day.

  • Juice Fit – The feed chute, 75mm diameter, takes a whole apple, no chopping or peeling required.
  • Genuine juice –  Thanks to the “Pulp Retainer” – a stroke of genius by Ceado – the juice obtained is clearer and brighter, thus considerably enhancing the taste.
  • Wash & go! – Dishwashing is quick and easy, as the basket with magnetic catch and parts in contact with food are simple to remove and replace, with no tool required.
  • Safety – Greater safety thanks to the interlock system: lifting the safety locking bar stops all moving parts.

The Perfect Juicer for juice bars, hotels, restaurants, wellness centers, yoga studios, even home use.

The Ceado ES-500 is easy to use the powerful juicer that will quickly serve up fresh juice.

The 3 inch opening on the feed chute takes an entire apple with no chopping required.

An exclusive Pulp Retainer – a stroke of genius by Ceado – produces juice that is clearer and brighter, thus considerably enhancing the taste.

Washing up is quick and easy, as the basket with magnetic catch and parts in contact with food are simple to remove and replace. No tools required!

TIP: Consider ordering the ES500 with an extra juicing basket assembly. This way you always have one available while the other is being washed and is especially helpful when switching between green drinks and other varieties like beets.


  • Motor: 1 HP, 115 V, 60 Hz, 3000 rpm
  • Feed chute: 3”
  • Dimensions: 9.5”x15”x19.3”H
  • Net/Gross weight: 34 lbs. / 38 lbs

The Ceado Juicers are NSF Certified. They also hold ETL, UL, and CE Certifications.

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11 reviews for Ceado ES500 Commercial Juicer (ES-500)

  1. Ferdinand Lee

    Best feature is the safety lock, this juicer does everything for me. My customers and find this very efficient in each business I make with it. Thank you!

  2. Samantha

    I was scrolling the internet to look for a juicer that best suits my needs and i’m very happy to find this website. Thank you for making our lives easier and thank you for the quick delivery. Our staffs have tried it and they are very satisfied. Thank you. I would recommend Plant Based Pros to my colleagues.

  3. Brandy Marshall

    This juicer is something my friends have been raving about. We all have our own personal juicers at home but when we meet inside my cafe, we also drink juice coming from the centrifugal juicer I have been using before. When I bought this to aid my existing one and to cope up with the volume of customers, we were all shocked at how great the juice is considering this is a commercial juicer. Plus the yield is something I never thought I’d see in a commercial juicer. Thanks to the Ceado ES500, I’m getting more refills from my regulars and patrons plus, my friends’ seal of approval.

  4. Clint B.

    The small juice bar I run now caters to my customers on a faster pace thanks to the Ceado ES500. The speed does not sacrifice the yield which makes me a happy camper.

  5. Tiffany Greene

    My old commercial juicer was a pain. It constantly breaks down and needs to be sharpened every so often. I need something to run my business which juices an average of 20lbs. of fruit daily. After much research, I decided on the Ceado ES-500 which seemed to fit my needs. Even after i purchased the juicer I was very skeptical just because I did not think it would be able to handle juicing gingers, apples, cantaloupes & cucumbers on a commercial level. The juicer was to be placed in a bar where it would constantly be put to work. I started the assembly process immediately after receiving the package and in my opinion, was the easiest assembly I have to do for centrifugal juicer. The build was spectacular from the base to the lid and it was made for both speed and yield. This favors me much because I can extract more juice from the ES-500 for less produce and time. After testing the unit with all kinds of vegetables I was sold on this juicer. It juiced anything else I threw at it but the best part was that it was not noisy the motor was strong but not loud like how my old juicer would be.

  6. Arjun V.

    Had this not long ago and since using it from day one, I found myself wanting more. During this test period, I was able to look on how this operates closely so my employees can also see how well they use it on a live demo. Everything is just easy with this juicer. Pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, beets, apples, and carrots. This juicer is just amazing. What’s best is it cleans up pretty fast. I’m so excited to demonstrate to my employees the new juicer they’ll use in the deli for our customers to enjoy.

  7. Kenneth A.

    Being on the go, we went with a high speed juicer. We don’t have any issues at all with it since we almost always juice fruits. What surprised me about the Ceado ES500 is the yield considering this is not a slow juicer. It doesn’t make a lot of noise as well and I’m happy to make juice for my wife and kids before I prepare for work since it’s fast and easy. My wife doesn’t need a lot of time to clean it as well so juicing every morning is a breeze. 100% worth it.

  8. Angelique M.

    My husband is recovering from a mild stroke and this juicer is the best purchase I made for him to celebrate our anniversary. I wanted him to make a full recovery and knowing that he is drinking juice without the artificial non-sense in powdered form makes me feel confident he’ll be celebrating 50 more anniversaries with me. Very easy to assemble and much more easier to use, I am enjoying the task of making juice for the both of us every breakfast and dinner. Works great with his favorite apple juice and is also great in handling carrots and ginger for me. Our daughter also joins in on the fun when she visits every weekend juicing cucumbers whenever she’s here. The wide feed chute is a definite bonus for us but what I really like the most is that it cleans off very easily. No need to scrub so hard as the fruit residue just comes off easily. I can hear the motor although its not loud enough to disturb my husbands morning news habit.

  9. Georcelle Sullivan

    I’m on the fence between the Ceado ES500 and ES700 because of I don’t want to just get a juicer and kick-off my business. I read and researched well about the pros and cons for both. I decided that the ES500 because I don’t see the reason why I should expand even before jump starting on the business. It was a total success as the juicer still delivered on our opening event. Our cafe served more juice orders than any coffee or tea from our menu! The amazing part is that the juicer delivered on every order and the yield is just making me proud. It wasn’t loud and its humming is drowned by the sound of happy chatter and praises by customers on our fresh fruity choices. Cleaning isn’t a huge issue as the components just disassemble as quick as it is assembled. No need for tools or anything. I highly applaud this order from placement to delivery. No complications and just a straightforward transaction. Thank you for making everything easy for me.

  10. K. Landon

    Fantastic for quick juicing at home! It matches our family’s healthier plant-based lifestyle. It adds a lot of power to grind our favorite produce into fresh juice in seconds. It has more than enough power for me to even serve fresh juice during our Christmas get-together at our place. Easy set-up and disassembly for cleaning. My kids love it the same way we do. The design of this juicer also matches our kitchen’s industrial-design.

  11. Morganicsjuice

    My cousin and I opened up a small juice bar, we have been looking for the best commercial juicer in the market that would juice vegetables and fruits in no time. I was surprised how fast this juicer is and how much it can yield. Definitely worth the purchase. I will buy another one soon since we’re getting busier and busier by the day, and this juicer helped me achieve that!

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