Chef Master 90019 Portable Butane Stove, 15,000 BTU


  • Single Burner Gas Stove
  • Camping and Backpacking Essentials
  • Piezo Electric Ignition
  • Double Wind Guard Burner
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • 15,000 BTU
  • Brass burner

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This Chef Master 90019 portable, high-performance butane stove with a solid brass burner has a high heat output of 15,000 BTU to provide you with all of the cooking power you need! Perfect for catered events, outdoor cooking, or display cart cooking in your restaurant, this versatile range can go anywhere. This countertop burner features an adjustable heat range (from boil to simmer), a high-impact hard plastic carrying case, and an automatic piezo electronic ignition system so you’ll never need to worry about matches again. Plus, this convenient, portable range features a double wind guard to help reduce the loss of BTU/hr. due to wind or air conditioning. The double wind guard and other great features make this powerful butane range the perfect choice for made-to-order stations and display cooking either inside at banquets or outdoors at large catered events.

Butane cartridge sold separately.

  • PIEZO ELECTRIC IGNITION – The Chef Master 15,000 BTU Portable Camping Stove is designed with a Piezo electric ignition. This makes the stove super easy to start and easy to adjust the heat output. No need for a lighter as the burner ignites automatically.
  • EXTRA POWERFUL 15,000 BTU PORTABLE STOVE – The 90019 Butane Burner is designed to output up to 15,000 BTU. The heat can easily be controlled by a dial next to the piezo electric ignition button. This butane stove is powerful enough to cook anything that you may need on a camping or backpacking trip
  • CAMPING AND BACKPACKING ESSENTIALS – The Chef Master 15,000 BTU Portable Butane Camping Stove is essential for any camping or backpacking trip. This butane stove has a hard-shell carrying case which means that this unit is extra portable! The stove is small enough to easily fit in a hiking backpack or in a camping bag
  • PACKED WITH SAFETY FEATURES – This Butane Stove is packed with many essential safety features. It comes with an In-Line Regulator with Pressure-Sensing Shut-Off. If the pressure gets too high, the regulator will shut off flow to prevent dangerous flashbacks. The Butane Burner has a wind-guard to protect the flame from breeze or A/C.
  • PORTABLE CARRYING CASE – Each Butane Stove comes with a hard-shell carrying case to make the unit even more portable! It is easy to take this stove with you on every camping or hiking trip

The Leading Brand of Restaurant, Concession Stand, and Food Service Cookware, Great for Campers!

The Chef Master range of butane stoves was designed to be useful for those in the foodservice industry while still catering to everyone else. These butane stoves are great, easy to use, restaurant-quality portable butane stoves. These stoves can be used at concession stands, in a restaurant kitchen, or just outside the tent at a favorite camping ground!

Chef Master Butane Stoves are very easy to use. Simply attach the butane canister and then turn up the heat! These stoves are great for cooking all sorts of different types of food in places where there is no access to a regular stove plate.

butane burner camping stove butane camping stove portable camping stove

butane burner camping stove butane camping stove portable camping stove

butane burner camping stove butane camping stove portable camping stove

Easily and Quickly Cook any Type of Food

The Chef Master range of Portable Butane Stoves are powerful enough to cook any type of food.

Easily and quickly enjoy the comforts of modern living when a stove or larger burner may not be accessible or just use when you need to cook more at once!

Great for Use Outdoors – Camping, Hiking, Fishing, BBQs

All the Chef Master Butane Stoves are ideal for use outdoors. These portable stoves are the perfect size and have the perfect amount of power to cook anything that a hungry tummy desires! Great for use on camping trips, hikes, fishing adventures and so many more!

Compact Size for Maximum Portability

The Chef Master Butane Stoves are compact efficient burners just waiting to fry that packet of fries or perfectly cook that steak.

Each burner measures 14 inches high. Every stove comes with a carry case to make everyones’ lives much easier! Simply put the burner in the case, click the locks shut, and you are ready for the next adventure.

butane stove camping stove chefmaster burner

Easy to Adjust Heat Dial

Every Chef Master Butane Burner comes equipped with an easy to use and adjust heat dial. Simply turn the dial to the level of heat that you want the stove to cook at.

butane burner chefmaster camping stove

Wind Guard Reduces Loss of BTU/HR from Breeze or A/C

Chef Master Portable Butane Stoves for Camping are designed with a special Wind Guard which reduces the loss of BTU/HR from breeze or A/C. This helps to ensure that the flame does not go out and keeps your food cooking!

camping stove chefmaster butane burner

In-Line Regulator with Pressure-Sensing Shut Off

A Chef Master Butane Stove is equipped with an In-Line Regulator. When the pressure of the burner gets too high, flashbacks can occur, this is solved by designing the stoves with a pressure-sensing shut off valve to cut off the pressure before flashbacks and injuries occur.

butane burner camping stove butane camping stove portable camping stove

Easy to Dismantle for Cleaning

The Chef Master Portable Camping Stove is super easy to clean. Simply remove the plate from the top of the burner and then you can clean it! Leaving bits of old food and other gunk in your burner can be very dangerous so it is advised to clean the stove after every use.

Carrying Case Included
Temperature Dial
Dimensions13″ by 11″ by 4″
Weight4.99 lbs



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