Coldline NU550 22″ 550 lb. Nugget Ice Machine with 275 lb. Ice Bin


  • Modular top mount ice machine
  • Storage bin for ice
  • Accessible side filters for easy cleaning
  • Digital controller and display
  • Makes nugget shaped ice
  • 550 lb. of ice production every 24hrs
  • 275 lb. ice storage capacity
  • Heavy duty, high efficiency Secop compressor, made in Germany
  • Danfoss expansion valve that precisely controls refrigerant flow
  • Accessories included: ice scooper, water hose, water drain hose

Note: The manufacturer’s warranty will be voided if this product is shipped to Washington, Montana, Oregon, California, Wyoming, or Utah or to a residential address.

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The Coldline NU550 is Kitchenall’s highest performing commercial ice machine in its class, with the highest customer satisfaction feedback rating and the lowest rate of service of any brand of ice machine we sell. The NU550 modular ice machine is made up of a 550 lb. per day ice machine head and a 275 lb. insulated ice bin. At only 22″ left to right this unit can fit into tight spaces and with 275 lbs. of ice in the bin your business will always have plenty of ice within reach.



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