Demeyere Atlantis Frying Pan – Proline 9.4″ – 25624


  • Even heating with no hot-spots to help prevent burning food
  • TriplInduc base specialised for super-efficient use on induction
  • Suitable for use on all hob types and in the oven
  • Welded stainless steel handle with hanging loop
  • Helper handle
  • 30 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects for domestic use
  • Made by DEMEYERE in Belgium

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When you are looking for a superior frying pan that will perform beautifully, then Demeyere is here to provide you with exactly what is needed. The Atlantis Cookware Series is designed with the focus clearly upon beauty, luxury, pleasure, and functionality. Demeyere did not forget tradition, nor the love of cooking, when endeavoring to create the best stainless steel composition combined with proper cooking engineering for each piece of Atlantis cookware. The Demeyere Atlantis Proline Fry Pan is a five-star rated skillet for both professional chefs and home cooks that use their equipment daily and heavily. The 7-Ply Material® combined with Silvinox® surface treatment will give you a lifetime of consistent, reliable service. There is no reason to shop for an alternative, the Demeyere Atlantis Frying Pan Proline is exactly what you need.

7-PlyMaterial® used for the Demeyere Atlantis frying pan is an alloy of 7 metals, including stainless steel with an aluminum core. This unique construction causes the heat to spread directly and evenly throughout the whole pan bottom surface up to the rim. This is the optimum design required for frying to be done correctly and efficiently. Demeyere’s trademarked Silvinox® surface treatment has been applied to the Atlantis Proline Fry Pan that will keep your skillet classic white-steel shiny, without the typical discolorations that occur over the lifetime of use. Silvinox® also makes surfaces super easy to clean with less effort. Demeyere’s technology combines in this Demeyere Atlantis Frying Pan to make your cooking fun, simple, beautiful, yet state-of-the-art. It is time to make cooking a pleasure yet again with Demeyere!

Demeyere Atlantis Frying Pan – Proline 9.4″ Features:

  • 7-PlyMaterial® design of 7 alloys including stainless steel with aluminum core and TriplInduc exterior layer
  • Multilayered special alloy stainless steel material construction to the pan edge (4.8mm/0.19″)
  • Even and thorough heat distribution from pan bottom to rim for optimum frying conditions
  • Silvinox® treatment for easy clean, discoloration-resistant surfaces
  • Cast stainless steel, ergonomic handles
  • Atlantis Proline Fry Pan designed for heavy, regular use by professionals and home cooks
  • Five-star rated skillet
  • Perfect engineered design for optimum frying
  • Limited 30 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Atlantis frying pan dimensions – 9.4″ D. x 7.1″ W. x 2″ H.
  • Dishwasher safe but hand-washing recommended
  • Compatible with all heat sources including induction
  • 30% more efficient on induction than competitors
  • Demeyere cookware made in Belgium

Helps for Using Demeyer Atlantis Frying Pans – Frying heats food beyond temperatures of 356 degrees Fahrenheit. With this method, exterior surfaces dry and sear to brown quickly. Interior water content decreases, and heating is more gradual. To help give you better results, Demeyere suggests when using the Atlantis Proline Frying Pan, stove-top temperatures are turned on high till butter begins to brown, or oils start to smoke. At this time, stove-top temperatures are re-adjusted down 30-50% depending on the burner size and type of heat source you are using. Wait an additional 10 seconds before placing your foods in the fry pan. When the food pores are properly seared, it will become loose from the frying pan that enables it to be turned.

Demeyere of Belgium uses applied state-of-the-art technologies to artfully create cookware. Individualized requirements for each type of cooking are adjusted to perfectly suit each method through advanced technical designs and differing construction materials. Demeyere Cookware is proud their products, and their guiding philosophy which are characterized by and associated with product innovation and superior manufacturing. Demeyere strives to make “cooking a true joy” by giving you the best cookware through a collaborative effort of renowned chefs, amateur cooks, engineers, designers, and manufacturing teams. Demeyere was one of the pioneers of induction cookware, and continues to push into new realms of development and design for this type of stove-top. Demeyere is a name you can trust with the technology and materials that can be put to the test of time and use.


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