Ferrari Pneumatic Bottle Capper


  • Caps bottles between 7 to 13 inches tall
  • Two capping heads, one for American standard 26mm and another for European 29-31mm caps.
  • Dimensions: 23″H x 8″W x 9″D
  • Requires 125 psi of air at 1 CFM. Comes with 1/8″ ID European style air compressor bayonet.


The Ercole capper by Ferarri is the perfect fit If you are a small micro or an obsessed homebrewer who loves great equipment. It is pneumatically driven so you will need to supply an air compressor.  The capper is actuated by pushing both green buttons at once which is a safety feature to keep your fingers out of the way of the capping action.Runs on air pressure, compressor and air fittings must be purchased separately. Comes with 1/8″ ID European style air compressor bayonet. in Italy by Ferrari.


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