ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator

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  • Excellent H2 Performance
  • pH Neutral Water
  • 3-Stage Filter
  • Compact, Beautiful Design

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3–stage .01m Filtration with UltraWater™ Filtration

The ionpia H2 Water Generator comes standard with a triple filter system including a .01M UF Filter and a carbon block second stage. An optional upgrade allows you to get UltraWater the only water ionizer filter that is made in the USA and has certified independent test results for 172 contaminants, reducing virtually all of them up to 99.9%. The healthiest water starts with clean.

SMPS Power Supply

The next generation SMPS power supply ensures you the most stable and consistent power source.

4-Stage PEM / SPE Hydrogen generating technology

Four technologies combine for one great result! The first stage ionpia Purifier creates virtually mineral free water which enters the ionpia H2 Generator containing the PEM / SPE and gets saturated with H2. Finally the H2 rich water is mixed back into filtered water in the ionpia Infuser providing super clean, H2 rich water.

Free Voltage

The Free Voltage power system used with the right plug adapter, allows you to safely operate the ionpia on any input voltage.

How it Works

Infused with Molecular Hydrogen – Four Great Technologies – for Great H2.

ionpia purifier stage 1

Stage 1: the ionpia Purifier supplies virtually calcium-free water to the electrolysis process. It is important because hard water is the enemy of producing high levels of H2. Minerals caught in the H2 Purifier are mixed back with filtered water in the last stage.

ionpia filter stages 2 and 3

Stage 2 & 3: the ionpia H2 water generator contains a highly evolved Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Polymer Electrolyte. This powerful combination allows the hydrogen rich water generator to produce regardless of whether you have minerals or not in your source water.

ionpia infuser stage 4

Stage 4: the ionpia Infuser is a unique technology which infuses the highly concentrated H2 back into the filtered water allowing you to drink H2 rich water that is pH neutral.

The ionpia H2 is Easy to Use

Unlike some other hydrogen rich water generator that produces hydrogen water only after making you wait while they process, the ionpia H2 hydrogen water machine is on-demand ready to produce as much H2 – rich ionpia water as you want, whenever you want. Just push the button and the ionpia H2 hydrogen water generator will make your H2 water instantly and at a flow rate of 1.1 liters per minute. Only the ionpia H2 water generator also has a flow control knob on the front so you can easily adjust the flow rate and strength of your H2 water.

The ionpia H2 Works With Any Source Water

The ionpia H2 water generator consistently produces high concentrations – up to and in excess of 1.2ppm of H2 – regardless of whether you have hard or soft source water.

This Ain’t Just Water…

Drinking Clean is Drinking Healthy

The only hydrogen water generator that offers you the safety of triple filtration. First, your water passes a sediment filter to remove particles. Next it is filtered by a .01 micron (absolute) hollow membrane filter trapping microorganisms such as bacteria or cysts. The third filter is a high-quality carbon block reducing chlorine and other contaminants. UltraWater option available.

Increases Energy & Reduces Fatigue

Research shows H2 helps increase ATP – the source of cellular energy, while decreasing lactic acid. Active lifestyle that demands more energy? Fitness enthusiast? Elite athlete? H2 rich water will help. Go longer. Go stronger.

Reduce Your Inflammation

Certain free radicals are highly toxic to your cells, causing pain and inflammation. Studies show H2 selectively neutralizes these damaging radicals. Drinking H2 rich water helps ease chronic and acute aches and pain.

Ultimate Antioxidant Power

Free radical damage is one of the primary causes of aging. Antioxidants prevent or slow that damage. The H2 in ionpia water selectively targets the most damaging oxygen radicals, making it the “ultimate” antioxidant.

Drink more. Improve your health.

When H2 neutralizes damaging oxygen radicals, it creates water (H2O) – increasing your cellular hydration. Great tasting, silky-smooth, alkaline UltraWater is also easier to drink. When you drink more, you enjoy optimal hydration and better health.

Weight9.9 lbs.
Dimensions5.12” x 13.4” x 13.8” (WxHxD)
Rate Input VoltageAC 95~240V
Output Power12V /5A /60W
Power SupplyNext Generation SMPS
H2 Production Range1.0 – 1.2 ppm
ORP Production Range-450 to -590
Water Pressure Range15~90 psi
H2 Generation MethodHydrogen Cell with Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Polymer Electrolyte Membrane
Generating CapacityStandard 1.5L/min. at 28psi), Max (3.5L/min. at 90psi)
Number of FiltersThree Filters
Filter CompositionCarbon Filter / .01M Hollow Membrane / Sediment Filter
Filter Life700 gallons or 8-12 months depending on source water and usage
OperationOne Touch
DisplayOperation Indicator Lamp

1 review for ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator

  1. Kristoff O.

    I like the ionpia water generator because it’s easy to operate and makes my water taste better than when I was taking it unfiltered before. It feels sturdy and durable and it looks like this machine is built to last. The value this product brings surely outweigh the cost I paid for it.

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