Juwel BioStar 1500 Premium Cold Frame


  • Easy to assemble
  • Three roof windows – 1 with automatic opener
  • Four window height adjusters included
  • Unique “no drip” design prevents unwanted condensation on plants
  • 8mm extra strong twin wall polycarbonate
  • Comes with 4 window height adjusters
  • Child safe design – rounded edges
  • Made in Austria
  • Windows have 10 year guarantee

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The BioStar 1500 Premium Cold Frame by Juwel is a perennial top seller at Greenhouse Nation. It is the top cold frame available today, and provides a great space for getting a start on the growing season.

Imported from Austria, the cold frame features three roof windows, including one with an automatic opener.  The panels are extremely durable and are made of 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate, providing a high level of insulation. They feature a unique “no-drip” coating that helps prevent excess condensation from forming on your plants.

The BioStar 1500 has a child-safe design with rounded corners, yet is rugged enough to support six feet of snow. Many gardeners use it during the spring to start their seeds, and then easily disassemble it for the rest of the year. It allows you to keep your plants protected in a safe environment with a small footprint and is an excellent addition for gardeners of all levels and ages.

Supremely insulated with 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels, the BioStar 1500 Premium Cold Frame mini greenhouse is just as robust as a walk-in structure and retains heat better than glass.Three roof windows open independently to optimize airflow and humidity, and an automatic opener affixed to one roof panel will raise and lower as the temperature fluctuates so plants don’t overheat.


  • Double walled polycarbonate panels are 8mm thick for maximum thermal insulation & strength
  • 1 Automatic Opener included –opens/closes one lid panel as temperatures change
  • Lid panels are fully assembled and just slip into place
  • ‘No-Drip Coating’ prevents condensation from dripping onto plants
  • 6 anti wind clamps are supplied for the three window lids
  • Grounding stakes included
  • Rounded plastic corner parts give the unit a child safe, finished and attractive look
  • Dimensions: Length 59”, Depth 36”, Back height 21”, Front height 17”
  • Tools required are only a screwdriver and pliers
  • Weight 22 lbs
  • Made in Austria
  • Warranty; 3 yrs against mfg defects
  • Panels have 10 guarantee UV coating


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