Liftgate Service


Additional Service for Liftgate Required Deliveries.




What Is a Liftgate Fee?

There are many types of accessorial trucking charges, depending on the extra service requirements that are needed. These services cover special transport, additional equipment and truck type among several other things. One of the most common accessorial charges is the liftgate fee.

Not all trucks are equipped with a liftgate, therefore special arrangements have to be made for the shipment beforehand. Additionally, these tail lifts are often expensive and require regular maintenance.

When Is a Liftgate Service Required?

Liftgate services are an accessorial charge and are therefore not a common arrangement – only if required. Whether a liftgate service is needed depends mainly on two things, the cargo type and the infrastructure of the pickup and delivery location.

  • Cargo Type: Items such as heavy equipment or machinery, personal effects, or any voluminous cargo, including cartons on pallets would possibly need a lift gate for safe unloading. This is usually the case if the site has no loading bays and the cargo can’t be removed by hand.
  • Facility: Certain facilities have no loading bays, meaning that MHEs are not able to unload pallets from the truck directly. In these scenarios, a liftgate service is usually rendered so that the material handling equipment can be lifted on and off to access the goods.

Additionally, certain buyers may not want to purchase forklifts or other material handling equipment, as they can be very costly. They may request for liftgate services from their preferred carriers instead.

Another scenario is for personal purchases where the item is voluminous or heavy and cannot be hand-carried. A good example for this are appliances such as fridges, washing machines or office equipment such as tables, shelves among many others.

Here are some additional examples of when a liftgate service would make sense (for personal buyers or buyers without loading bays):

  • Kitchen Appliances (washing machines, fridges, etc.)
  • Office Equipment (tables, commercial printers, etc.)
  • Heavy Machinery (pumps, machines, cable rolls, etc.)
  • Tools & Equipment (generators, lawn mowers, etc.)
  • Relocation (Furniture, larger items, etc.)


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