Nutrifaster Clean Cut


Nutrifaster ® Clean Cut is a highly effective, earth-friendly cleaner for all metallic food processing machinery including juicers, coffee makers, kitchen utensils and more!

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Nutrifaster Clean Cut is…

  • Specifically formulated by Nutrifaster to remove fruit pectin and coffee residue from stainless steel juicing & coffee making components.
  • Designed to physically attack stains & residues on parts while soaking, allowing them to be flushed away with simple rinsing!
  • Biodegradable, odorless, non-flammable with no toxic chemicals makes it the most effective, environmentally progressive cleaner possible!

Nutrifaster Clean Cut will increase juice yield, work exceptionally well on all stainless steel parts and improve overall efficiency!

  • Available as concentrated granular powder in 6 lb and 15 lb containers.
  • Just add to hot water, soak parts for at least 2 hours & rinse them off!
  • 6 gallon Part Soaking Tank also available!

Clean Cut is subject to the reporting requirements of Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act of 1986 and of 40 CFR 372. Food processing parts should be sanitized prior to use. Clean Cut does not contain a sanitizer and is not recommended for aluminum parts. 

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