Prepline CSP-81 Steel Reversible 120v Countertop Model Dough Sheeter


  • Steel construction
  • Heavy-duty usage
  • Fixed conveyor speed
  • Manual roller adjustments
  • Preset roller thickness control
  • Foldable tables for space saving storage
  • Retractable end tables
  • Safety features
  • Countertop model

Note: This product cannot be shipped to Washington, Montana, Oregon, or California or to residential addresses

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The Prepline commercial dough roller is everything you need to enhance efficiency in your dough preparation area. This 81″ countertop sheeter will save both time and labor in your bakery or another food service outlet. It utilizes two 78.7 inch long by 19.7 inch wide conveyor belts that are reversible for quick rolling from either side of the unit. An easy-to-use lever allows you to reverse the direction of the belt. The belt moves fast to churn out up to 11 lb. of dough at a time. An emergency stop switch makes it super-easy to stop this electric dough sheeter on a seconds notice. This unit requires a 120v electrical connection for operation. It is made from a corrosion-resistant steel that is easy to clean after each use cycle. The sturdy, wear-resistant belt offers excellent durability and value for long term dependability. Whats more, the supports on each end of this bread sheeter roller fold up to save space during storage. A thermal overload device, safety guards, and other safety features prevent worker injuries or damage to the motor when this unit is in use.

This Prepline commercial dough sheeter is designed to meet the needs of your bakery, pizza shop, restaurant, or hotel. Your staff will appreciate being able to promptly flatten dough into thin crusts. Whether you operate a small pizzeria or a large commercial bakery, this versatile operator is a great way to save time and simplify food prep work. Get more value for money over the long term with this dependable unit from Prepline.


  • Made of high quality steel
  • Non-stick stainless steel roller
  • Fixed conveyor speed
  • Roller adjustments are manual
  • Suitable for bakeries, restaurants, and hotels
  • Equipped with preset roller thickness control
  • Foldable tables for space-saving storage
  • Wear-resistant conveyor belt
  • Safety features: safety guards, emergency stop switch, thermal overload device



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