Robot Coupe Blixer 6 Food Processor with 7 Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl and Two Speeds – 3 hp

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  • Quickly prepare sauces, dressings, mousses, ground spices, and pureed meals
  • The Blixer 6 can liquefy, chop, grind, puree, and emulsify
  • 7 qt. capacity
  • Stainless steel bowl with handle
  • Stainless steel “S” serrated blade assembly
  • Two speeds
  • 1725 & 3450 RPM
  • 208-240v/60/3-ph, 12 amps
  • 3 HP, NEMA L15-20P
  • ETL electrical and sanitation, cETL




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Quickly prepare sauces, dressings, mousses, ground spices, and pureed meals with the Robot Coupe Blixer 6V variable speed food processor! This versatile unit boasts two speeds at 1725 and 3450 RPM, and is able to liquefy, chop, grind, puree, and emulsify – making it perfect for use in your commercial kitchen or healthcare facility. You’ll be able to prep your ingredients with lightning speed and when the job is done, the Blixer 6 is easy to clean thanks to its stainless steel components.

This machine’s powerful 3 hp motor is operated by power buttons and a speed selector, and all food processing components may be disassembled for easy cleaning. The simple controls make it easy for anyone in your kitchen to prepare fresh, pureed ingredients for your customers’ favorite dishes.

This sturdy machine features a 7 qt. brushed stainless steel cutter bowl with handle and a leak proof, see-through lid that enables you to securely process food while keeping an eye on the progress. With a large capacity, this bowl allows you to process up to 8 lbs. of ingredients per batch.

HOW TO USE: With the power switch OFF and the bowl and blade secured in place (per previous instructions) you are now ready to add product to the bowl. Place the product in the bowl not over 3/ 4 full and rotate the cover to secure it in place. There are two ways to run your unit. First of all, you may run the unit continuously by filling the bowl with food and simply letting it run or process until the desired consistency has been reached. Use this method to grind, mix, blend, puree, or emulsify. Secondly, you may chop with your unit by pulsing the machine. Quickly start and stop the motor by alternately pressing the ON and OFF switches. The reason for this is that you want the lower blade to pick up the product and throw it into the air allowing the top blade to chop the product. Control and consistency can be better achieved in this manner. Remember, if you start with a consistent product your end product will also be consistent. Most operations should be run on Low speed, using High speed only when an extremely fine pureed consistency is desired.

TO CHOP: (Low Speed) Cut round vegetables into halves or quarters and prep long vegetables into 3 to 4 inch pieces. To achieve a chopped consistency for vegetables, cheese, meats, etc. fill the bowl with the product no more than 3/4 full. With the lid secured, and the speed selector in Low speed, alternately press the ON/OFF buttons. Repeat this pulsing action, allowing the blades to stop each time, until the desired cut is achieved. Usually 4 to 5 pulses yields an evenly mixed chopped substance.

TO PUREE OR MIX: Fill the bowl with the product no more than 3/4 full. Start the machine in Low speed and allow to run until the product is completely reduced. If necessary, turn the machine off and select High speed to finish the product. It may be necessary to add some liquids to a puree to achieve the desired consistency.

DOUGHS AND PASTRIES: (Low speed only) In many cases it may be helpful to first mix all dry products then add the liquids. The unit should be run continuously until the product is completely processed. For thick doughs, such as for pizza, the machine will form a ball of dough when the mixing is complete. When a ball is formed, the machine should be turned off immediately to prevent over-processing. Preparation times and all ingredients should be noted for different recipes.

TO CHOP MEAT: (Low Speed) Place chunks of meat approximately 1 to 2 inches square in the bowl. Fill approximately 1/3 to 1/2 full (no more than 2 1/2 lbs). Rotate the lid locking it in place, quickly start and stop the motor using the ON\OFF switches. Repeat this process until product is the desired consistency.

TO CHOP HARD CHEESE: (Low speed only) Place chunks of well chilled cheese into the bowl (not over 2 1/2 lbs). With the lid locked in place, quickly start and stop the motor. Continue this process until you have reached the desired consistency. For powdered cheese, simply proceed as above until the particles in the bowl are about pea size, then start the unit and allow the blades to run continuously until you have a fine powder.

TO CHOP ONIONS, CELERY, CABBAGE, CARROTS, ETC.: Quarter onions, and cut other vegetables into 2 to 3 inch pieces. Proceed using a quick start\stop action until the desired consistency is achieved. CAUTION: If you turn the machine on with vegetables in it and let it run too long, the bottom blade will puree the ingredients and the top blade will be of little value leaving a very uneven consistency.

TO PUREE OR MIX: To puree tomatoes, make sauces, or to mix and blend, place the ingredients in the bowl, turn the unit on and allow it to run continuously until the product is rendered to the desired consistency.

TO MAKE MAYONNAISE: Place in the bowl 6 eggs, 3 tsp. of salt, 3 tsp. of sugar, 2/3 tsp. of dry mustard, a pinch of white pepper, and a pinch of red pepper. Turn the unit on. Begin adding 2 qts. of oil pouring very slowly through the top allowing the stream of oil to fall on the top of the cutter blade. When you have added 1/2 of the oil, pour in 4 oz. of vinegar and the balance of the oil. After all of the oil has been added let the machine run for 20 seconds longer. The mayonnaise is now homogenized.

TO MAKE BREAD CRUMBS: Place torn fresh or dried bread in the bowl, and quickly start and stop the unit. Continue this process until you reach the desired consistency or allow the unit to run continuously for fine powdered bread crumbs used in stuffing mix.

MANUAL:Blixer 6 Manual

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Width11 Inches
Depth14 7/16 Inches
Height20 13/16 Inches
Amps12 Amps
Hertz60 Hertz
Wattage2,496 – 2,800 Watts
Capacity7 qt.
Horsepower3 HP
Number of Discs / Blades Included1
Power TypeElectric
TypeBatch Bowl Processors

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  1. BradJ.

    I’ve been using this for years. Terrific for making Almond butters and emulsifying basically anything. Easy to use and very easy to set up. We use this processor for everything and anything.

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