Robot Coupe MP 800 Turbo 29″ Immersion Blender – 120V

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  • Versatile – Can blend or puree
  • 1.6 HP Stainless Steel Motor – Operates at 12,000 RPMs
  • Ergonomic Handle – Ensures comfort during prolonged use
  • Easy Plug System – Power cord is easy to replace and can be wound for easy storage
  • Wall-Mounted Holder – Convenient storage
  • Durable – Made of stainless steel
  • Detachable Blades and Bells – Simple to clean
  • Air Vents on Motor – Ensure water-tightness
  • Blade Disassembly Tool – Makes blade easy to disassemble



Quickly and easily power your way through fruits, vegetables, and more with the Robot Coupe MP800 Turbo 29″ immersion blender.

Make short work of chopping, mixing or blending jobs right in the bowl with this immersion blender! Featuring a heavy-duty 1 3/5 hp, 1000W motor that powers up to 12,000 RPMS, this blender ensures long lasting, reliable performance in a commercial establishment. Use this blender to produce perfectly pureed sauces, soups, batters, or even soaps and body butters for hospitality services.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Self-Regulating Speed

This unit features an easy-to-use self-regulating speed system that delivers up to 12,000 RPMs. This feature provides the operator with full control and consistency over the product, from gentle mixing to emulsifying a staggering 100 gallons at a time.

Ergonomic Handle

For comfort, an ergonomic handle reduces fatigue during use, while a locking button enables continuous operation during large jobs.

29″ Shaft

The 29″ shaft is great for liquefying, pureeing, and blending to make delicious soups, sauces, or batters.

Detachable Power Cord

Replacing the power cord if it becomes worn or frayed isn’t a problem, because it was engineered to easily detach from the unit.

Durable Construction

The stainless steel bell and blade assembly easily disassemble for cleaning, while gears are housed in an all metal gear box for longevity. Plus, the unit features a watertight design, which further increases durability and ensures long-lasting use.


  • Ergonomic handle design for greater user comfort.
  • The lug on the motor housing can serve as a rest and pivot on the rim of a pan, making the power mixer easier to handle.
  • New power cord winding system for tidy storage and optimum lifespan.
  • New patented «Easy Plug» system making it easier to replace the power cord during after-sales servicing.
  • Overmoulded blade to ensure perfect hygiene. Sharpening designed to give optimum speed and perfect quality of cut.
  • Entirely dismountable foot and knife ( Robot Coupe exclusive patented system) for easy cleaning, perfect hygiene and easy maintenance. Robot Coupe’s exclusive patented device has been developed as part of the HACCP procedure.
  • Stainless steel tube, bell and knife for a longer life (only on MP Ultra models).

3 reviews for Robot Coupe MP 800 Turbo 29″ Immersion Blender – 120V

  1. Tori’s

    I usually use a food processor to make my tomato sauce for my Italian restaurant. All the work of cleaning and reusing was a huge setback for our small kitchen. The Robot Coupe Immersion blender saved my crew all the troubles of making one of the most essential sauces in Italian cooking. I can already make huge batches of tomato sauce for the day without the hassle of cleaning everything. We now serve everything faster because of a steady supply of tomato sauce thanks to this unique blender.

  2. Flora C.

    I am enjoying every second I use this Robot Coupe blender. I started feeling comfortable with it just after a couple of uses so it really is user-friendly. Big batches of sauce and soup is made real easy because of this wonderful machine. In comparison with other tools I have used before this is the smoothest and easiest tool to work with. I’m more than satisfied with this purchase and I recommend this to all commercial kitchens. It is a life-saver for us and it will save you all the hassle too.

  3. Lorna Greyson

    I make different soups daily and whenever I need my soup to be extra smooth, my MP800 is ready to just take over everything. Powerful blades cut and slice through the smooth without the nuisance of too much a mess inside the kitchen. This definitely saves us a lot of time for hot apps.

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