Robot Coupe R2 Dice Food Processor / Dicer – 2 hp

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Slice down your prep time with the Robot Coupe R2 Dice 3 qt. combination food processor.

Manually prepping ingredients takes a lot of time and poses a safety risk, exposing your employees to sharp knives that can easily cause injury. Robot Coupe’s R2 Dice combination food processor eliminates both problems by giving you near-limitless prep options, and by doing that prep work in a fraction of the time it takes to do manually. And since it comes with both a continuous feed head and a batch bowl, you can easily adapt to any task!

Continuous Feed Head

When you need to process bulk quantities of a particular ingredient in a particular way, the continuous feed head on this processor gets the job done! A large, kidney-shaped chute allows you to load bulky items, or to load multiple, smaller ingredients at a time for processing. When you need to do long or delicate products, the round feed chute is a great solution, and both chutes have a pusher to keep your hands away from the cutting area.

5/32″ Slicing Disc

The slicing disc that comes with this unit makes a 5/32″ (4mm) cut, and is great for tasks like slicing cucumbers or carrots, making garnishes or ice cream toppings, and much more.

5/64″ Grating Disc

A 5/64″ (2mm) grating disc makes a medium-sized final product that’s perfect for garnishes and general use in recipes. It can also be used for cheese grating.

3/8″ Dicing Kit

A 3/8″ x 3/8″ (10mm) dicing kit is perfect for making diced tomatoes, onions, and other fruits and vegetables. It includes both a dicing grid and slicing disc.

Easy to Use

Operation doesn’t get much simpler than this unit’s 3-button control panel. Simple switches for “on” and “off” take all the guesswork out of processing, while a “pulse” option allows for more precision control when you need it.

Large feed opening to allow for larger fruit and vegetables and one round opening especially for slicing long or fragile.

The patented blade gives perfect results for small or large quantities.
Single speed 1725 Rpm.

Pulse control, for true precision processing.

Complete collection of stainless steel discs available to satisfy all your requirements for the preparation of fruits and vegetables: slicing, julienne, ripple cutting and grating.

Width8 11/16 Inches
Depth17 Inches
Height20 3/4 Inches
Amps13 Amps
Hertz60 Hertz
Wattage1,560 Watts
Capacity3 qt.
Horsepower2 HP
Number of Discs / Blades Included4
Power TypeElectric
TypeCombination Processors

2 reviews for Robot Coupe R2 Dice Food Processor / Dicer – 2 hp

  1. Darnell Johnson

    Manually dicing and slicing tons of onions, garlic, and other stuff for prep on lunch/dinner service is tough. I tried this Robot Coupe processor and these discs just made my cooks lives easier. We don’t have to chop and mince all morning. Very sturdy and durable indeed, it comes with sharp blades and discs that we don’t ever want to go back to chopping manually. Just simple yet powerful, everything I need is here.

  2. L. del Rosario

    My new Robot Coupe processor saves us all the precious time we need in the kitchen. With the blades and all, I can slice and dice with my prep cooks and have them prepare the cold apps because they don’t have to spend all their time in the kitchen cutting vegetables for my line crew. Carrots, cabbages, sweet potatoes, beets and ginger, everything we offer on the menu is prepared faster because of this phenomenal R2 processor. Easy to maintain and an overall kitchen tool, this is totally worth the price.

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