Angel 7500 Stainless Steel Juicer (Super Angel Pro)

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  • Angel juicer, accessories, and housing are NSF Certified
  • Available in 110V and 220V
  • Includes an anti jamming system and auto reverse function
  • Has the highest extraction yield – saves money on produce!
  • Slow turning speeds ensure that enzymes and nutrients are preserved
  • Juice is long lasting – Up to 72 hours in the fridge!
  • Made from high quality SUS-304 food grade stainless steel – No BPA!
  • Extremely easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Free Shipping to contiguous United States
  • No taxes
  • Includes full manufacturers warranty:
    • 10 year warranty: Motor, Switch Panel, Main Control Board, Fan, Splash Guard(Screen Cover)
    • 5 year warranty: Extracting Screen Housing, Twin Gears, Mushy Pulp Remover(Scraper), Power Cord3

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Angel Juicer 7500

The Angel Juicer 7500 twin gear juicer is one of the best juicers on the market. It is precision engineered from food grade stainless steel and is regarded as one of the most reliable juicers for home use. If you are serious about your health then the Angel Juicer 7500 is made for you!

The Angel Juicer 7500 is an upgrade to the discontinued Super Angel 7500. The new Super Angel Deluxe has an updated motor, gear box, safety sensor, cooling system and control panel. Additionally, the Angel Juicer 7500 is an upgrade to the Angel Juicer 5500. This top-of-the-line juicer is made from high quality food-grade stainless steel (SUS-304); while the Angel Juicer 8500 is made from surgical-grade stainless steel (SUS-316). The stainless steel is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and does not contain any toxins.

All Angel juicers come with twin gears for maximum juice extraction. This enables the Angel juicers to squeeze more juice out of your produce and provide a high quality juice. The twin gears are 8-3/4″ long and are completely made of stainless steel, unlike the plastic gears commonly found in juicers. Each gear has three stages of juice extraction. The first stage applies pressure on the fruits and vegetables while the next two stages continuously grind your produce. The juicer outputs a very dry pulp and 20-30% more juice compared to other juicers.

The twin gears spin at a slow speed of 82 RPM. This allows your juice to retain healthy enzymes and nutrients. Additionally, your juices will have long shelf lives since little heat transfers to the juice during the extraction process.

The Angel juicer is versatile and able to juice all different types of fruits and vegetables. It can handle anything from carrots and apples to pine needles and wheat grass. You can also juice soybeans, make nut butters, or prepare delicious frozen sorbets with the Super Angel.

Angel Juicer Features

  • Prevents jams by adjusting motor speed when juicer is overloaded
  • Automatically reverses gears if juicer juicer jams – Only available in Pro, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe models
  • Cooling system automatically turns on if Super Angel overheats
  • Automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensor
  • Newly designed main control board
  • Super Angel comes with free scrubbing bristle (premium brush) and glass jar for juice collecting

Comparison of Angel Juicer Models

Angel Juicer 5500 (Super Angel Plus)

The Angel Juicer 5500 is the base model of the four Super Angel juicers. The Angel Juicer 5500 has a simple control board that makes the juicer very easy to use. All the parts are stainless steel and the juicer has automatic thermal cooling. The major upgrade to the Angel Juicer 5500 is that it includes a manual reverse function. You can unclog the juicer without disassembling the entire machine, but this has to be done manually.

Angel Juicer 7500 (Super Angel Pro)

The Angel Juicer 7500 includes all the features of the Angel Juicer 5500 along with an anti-jamming auto-reverse feature. This feature enables the Angel Juicer 7500 to automatically clear jams. This process is done manually with the Angel Juicer 5500.

Angel Juicer 7500 with Soft Fruit Housing (Super Angel Pro)

The Deluxe model includes all the features of the Angel Juicer 7500 model along with an attachment for soft fruit extracting. This attachment is perfect for extracting juices from strawberries, mangoes, grapes, and raspberries.

Angel Juicer 8500 (Super Angel Premium Deluxe)

The Angel Juicer 8500 comes with twin gears and a standard extracting housing made of SUS-316 surgical grade stainless steel instead of 304 high quality food grade stainless steel. The surgical grade stainless steel is more resistant to sea salt, sea water, and de-icing salts. However, both types of stainless steel are safe. The Angel Juicer 8500 does not come with the soft fruit extracting housing.

Difference between Food Grade and Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel Alloy

  • SUS-304 (Food grade): Chromium 18%, Nickel 8%
  • SUS-316(Surgical grade): Chromium 16%, Nickel 10%, Molybdenum 2%
  • SUS-316 surgical grade stainless steel is more resistant to sea salt, sea water and de-icing salts.
  • Both types of stainless steel grades are safe, do not leach out, do not react with food, and do not rust like a stainless steel saucepan or stainless steel pot.

Parts Included with the Angel Juicer

  • Motor Base Unit
  • Twin Gear Set
  • Standard Housing Filter
  • Splash Guard
  • Power Cord
  • Angel Glass Juice Cup [Square]
  • Plastic Juice Cup
  • Plastic Pulp Cup
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Premium Brush
  • Wooden Pusher Standard
  • Cleaning Knife
  • Silicon O-Ring Set [2 Rings]
  • Operation Manual


Accessories Price List
Angel Food-Grade Stainless Steel Grinding Housing $240.00
Angel Food-Grade Stainless Steel Soft Fruit Extracting Housing$240.00
Angel Food-Grade Stainless Steel Nut Butter Grinding HousingSuper Angel Nut Butter Housing (SUS-316 Surgical Grade S.S.) – superangeljuicers$240.00
Angel Food-Grade Stainless Steel Twin Gear SetAngel 5500 Juicer - Canada – Juicerville$250.00
Angel Food-Grade Stainless Steel Juice Cup (Round)$58.90
Angel Glass Juice Cup (Square)Glass container - Angel Juicer -$34.36
Book: Lifestyle & Incurable DiseasesLifestyle and Incurable Diseases – Juicers4life$35.00
Please call us at 800-522-0517 to add accessories you need for your Angel Juicer

Watch our video review of the Angel Juicer Here: (Previous version of Super Angel juicer shown in video. Please contact us for differences)

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  • Are covered by the full manufacturer warranty.
  • Qualify for manufacturer service and support.

Additional information

Voltage Options

110V (US), 220V (50Hz), 220V (60Hz)

8 reviews for Angel 7500 Stainless Steel Juicer (Super Angel Pro)

  1. rhondadunstan1972 (verified owner)

    Wonderful juicer! I did a lot of research and the Super Angel was the very best. It’s quiet and the juice that it produces is delicious. It gets 5 stars easy.

  2. piperscott0 (verified owner)

    It’s allowed me to eat all of my servings of fruits and vegetables, which keeps me full longer. Really easy to use and clean. I can see myself changing!

    Very responsive company. I used the chat and they answered all my questions and guided me towards the best juicer for me. Received an order confirmation seconds after I placed my order. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  3. Janet

    So far so good. The Super Angel delivers on every front. Very little pulp and lots of juice. I love how easy it is to clean and it looks really nice on my counter top. Minus one star because it took a big chunk out of my paycheck. x-D

  4. Tomika Charles

    More fruit goes inside the glass than my trash. The yield from this juicer is jaw-dropping. Thank the heavens I got this on sale. Thank you!

  5. Weaver O.

    I’ve been juicing beets, carrots, apples, and gingers. I’ve seen juicers work their motors to death just to squeeze a small amount from these ingredients. My brand new Super Angel Pro absolutely slayed the rest of the juicers I’ve used in the past. It doesn’t take the juicer too much effort to squeeze a lot of juice from my favorite ingredients. When I say a lot, it’s almost doubling the output of my past juicers. I can’t get over the fact that the juicer is smart enough to automatically reverse itself in case of jams. And you get food-grade stainless steel which makes the juicer sleek by design and premier to the touch. This is definitely a keeper and I can say I found a lasting juicer that will stay with me for years to come

  6. Christine Nguyen

    I like my Super Angel Pro and how fast it came after ordering over the phone. Took me longer to decide if whether I should get it because of the price or not. I began using it minutes after unboxing and it was flawless. The juice I make with it is God-sent. Great find for me and I’m just happy to own a Super Angel.

  7. Maxine

    Good – lots of juice from my garden produce

  8. Krista

    I take this baby wherever I go. I make parties with this beast. She is amazing! The one and only. The best producer one could ask for. Sweet angel indeed. Cold-pressed divine deliciousness. I use mine everyday for juicing herbs and my life has changed!! Health is wealth and with this addition to your routine you too can experience wellness. Give yourself the best gift because you deserve it!!! Buy yours today and you won’t regret a thing.

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