Tribest Freshlife (FL 2000 / FL3000) Extra Barrel


Extra Barrel Set for Freshlife Automatic Sprouter FL-3000
Green Color, for the new 3000 sprouter, this is not for the older gray colored model
Adds an Entire Extra Level of Growing
Instantly Double your Growing Area!
Sits on top of your existing Freshlife unit and uses the same pump and water.

Due to high demand, Tribest Products are now on back order. Pre-order now by calling 800-522-0517 to get your order in queue.

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The Freshlife Extra Barrel Set instantly doubles the sprouting capacity of the Freshlife Sprouter. The Extra Barrel Set comes with everything you need to double stack your sprouter and increase the amount and variety of sprouts you can grow at a time! Now, with the new Freshlife 3000, you can have up to three sprouting barrels. Add 1 or 2 extra barrels to maximize your sprouting


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