Zummo Z40 Nature LM – Commercial Lemon Juicer – Z40-N-LM



  • Smoky grey front cover.
  • High quality injected plastic nuts.
  • Automatic filter.
  • EVS Advanced juice extraction system.
  • New blade with improved cut.
  • NSF Certified


25 lemons per minute. High speed and autonomy

It is the perfect juicer to attend to the needs of mass catering and large surfaces. Its capacity to extract large amounts of juice in a short period of time – up to 40 pcs. per minute! – permits satisfying the typical demand peaks of this type of establishment.

Fruit per minute25
Weight270.07 lbs
Dimensions23.43”(l) x 21.65“(w) x 38.58”(h)
Peel collectionBag
Fruit diameter Measurements2.09”-2.99” Opt: 2.52”-3.46”/ 3.03“ – 3.94“/ 2.09“ – 2.99“ Opt: 2.52“ – 3.46“ / 3.03“ – 3.94“
ProtectionBlockage sensors
Basket capacity44 lbs
  • Increased durability: as there are no elastic belts, there are no breakages, something that could also affect the optimal functioning of the blade.
  • Greater functionality: avoiding maintenance tasks and replacement of broken or worn belts. Cleaning the kit is also much easier.
  • Greater yield: the new kit leads to greater juice extraction yield. Thanks to its new design, up to 10% more juice can be obtained.

How does the automatic filter work?

The Auto Cleaning System improves the juicer’s efficiency due to the automatic cleaning filter. The new filter has a belt made of polyurethane that moves, thanks to a motor axle, when the squeezer is running. The belt cleans the filter by sweeping the pulp and the seeds resulting from juicing the fruits, which are then collected in the peel collection bins.

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