Zummo Z1 Nature

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  • A juicing system that is unique in the world. The Juice does not come into contact with the peel; only the inside of the fruit is juiced, thus avoiding the oils and acidity in the peel and resulting in outstanding flavor.
  • Size of fruit. The machine is capable of juicing fruits in calibration ranging from 1 3/4‘ to 3 1/2″.
  • Quick and easy to clean. Simple mechanics. Just a few minutes to dismantle, clean and reassemble that parts that come into contact with the juice.
  • Body of juicer made from Stainless Steel.
  • NSF Certified


This is Zummo’s most compact model and it is recommended for premises with limited space. It has been designed to be the most effective and profitable solution for businesses with
a juice consumption of less than 30 glasses per day


Increased durability: as there are no elastic belts, there are no breakages, something that could also affect the optimal functioning of the blade.
Greater functionality: avoiding maintenance tasks and replacement of broken or worn belts. Cleaning the kit is also much easier.
Greater yield: the new kit leads to greater juice extraction yield. Thanks to its new design, up to 10% more juice can be obtained.

Technical Specifications

VOLTAGE230 V – 50 Hz. 220 V – 60 Hz. 110 V – 60 Hz.
MOTORSingle-phase 0,16 CV
CONSUMPTION165 W – 1.8 W en standby
WEIGHT65 lbs.
FEEDER2.20 lbs
FRUIT DIAMETER2.16″ – 2.75”
(up to 3.54″ with large cup kit)
MEASUREMENTS26.7”x 13.4″x 15.2″
PROTECTIONBlockage sensors

*Basket not included


Additional information


Beige, Brown, Graphite, Orange

2 reviews for Zummo Z1 Nature

  1. Hubert Willis

    I’ve received the Zummo Z1 and I have nothing to say but perfect! I have expanded my juice business and decided to go on a lemonade kiosk. The Z1 has been tested on my juice bar a couple of days before my opening and I was beyond amazed. Opening of the lemonade stand was a success and I feel very positive that with the Z1, my kiosk will reach its goal in sales before the year ends. Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Lydia Moreno

    I’ve known Zummo to have quality juicers so when I started my own juice bar finally, I went and bought one. My Z1 Nature is working like a breeze. It’s easy to operate and my sister and I are just very happy serving our customers fast-paced thanks to the great power this juicer brings. I tasted the juice and I personally notice that the oranges are sweeter with a just the slightest hint of tang in it. Best recommended for those wanting a citrus juicer for business use.

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