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Kuvings AUTO10 Juicer Review – Best Hands-Free Slow Juicer

Learn about the newest Kuvings AUTO10 – the latest model from the line of Kuvings juicers. Dee provides a thorough overview of the newest juicer model for 2024.

The AUTO10 will save prep time and make juicing easier. Kuvings’ cold press technology is now combined with the largest hopper on the market making it extra convenient for those who make large batches of juices at home or those who just want to save time. With the AUTO10, you can feed the ingredients into the hopper, turn it on, and walk away. Simplified parts inside also make cleaning a breeze. Like all Kuvings cold press juicers, you can juice fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, make smoothies, nut milk, sorbets, and more.

Dee shows all the parts and accessories for the Kuvings AUTO10 slow juicer and shows how to use its features. Afterward, she blends a delicious apple carrot juice and shows how vibrant and rich the drink is. Dee also shows how easy it is to clean the juicer between juices, with a simple quick rinse. She also demonstrates a new recipe while making cashew milk. Dee separates the cashews from the cashew nut milk to reuse the cashews for cashew nut bechamel, vegan mashed potatoes, and more. You can dehydrate the cashews and ultimately make crackers or grind it down to a finer flour

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00:09 Overview of AUTO10 Juicer

00:40 Review of AUTO10 Parts

01:36 How to assemble Kuvings AUTO10 Juicer

02:39 Juicing apples and carrots

05:17 Performing a quick rinse between juices

06:14 Juicing cashews for creamy cashew nut milk

09:57 Where to get your Kuvings AUTO10 juicer