Ankarsrum Grain / Coffee Mill

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Grinds any dry grain or bean to make: coarse flour for bread, grits, cereals, thickening soups, even coffee beans for your morning jolt! Stainless steel burrs adjust from very coarse to fine.


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Grind your own flour from all dry grains including wheat, barley, rice, corn, oats, small beans and even coffee and spices. Make your own breads and all other baked goods from fresh, tasty and nutritious flours. This mill is adjustable for flour texture, from very coarse to fine. and makes steel-cut oats from oat groats.

  • White plastic construction with stainless steel burrs
  • Attaches to any model of the Ankarsrum Original, will not work with other brands
  • Grinds any dry grain or bean
  • Adjustable burrs for fine or coarse grinds
  • Hand wash
  • Attaches to the Ankarsrum Mixer

1 review for Ankarsrum Grain / Coffee Mill

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