Country Living Grain Mill

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  • Extra large, precision-cast carbon steel burrs
  • Fast hand grain mill output speed
  • Easier turning than other hand mills
  • Full texture range, super fine to very coarse
  • Heavy duty, ball-bearing construction
  • V-Flywheel can be power driven
  • Useful options available
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
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The Country Living Grain Mill is a premium quality, high capacity hand operated mill that can easily be adapted to powered operation because its flywheel doubles as a V-belt pulley. The frame of the Country Living Grain Mill is strong cast metal alloy with a super durable powder coat finish. It’s a very nice mill to use and a handsome piece of equipment with clean, functional lines and beautiful raised wheat heads on the side panels.

The grinding burrs for the Country Living Mill are a massive five inches in diameter, and they’re precision engineered of high carbon steel—not the lower grade iron used in inferior mills. The large burrs help keep flour cool to preserve nutrient quality. The precision fit of the burr faces also means turning effort is unusually easy for a hand cranked mill, and especially so with the optional Power Bar handle extension. The Country Living Mill produces a cup of wheat flour in about 1-1/4 minutes. The grind is infinitely adjustable, so you can crack grain at a loose setting or tighten it down and get extremely fine whole grain flour in a single pass (or any texture between.)

A motorizing option is available, or you may want to build a motor drive of your own design. Some owners have also adapted their Country Living Mills to be driven off an exercise bike. The motorizing kit uses a commercial grade gearmotor, and this option can always be added to your mill later, if you choose.

The Country Living Grain Mill represents the ultimate in strength and durability, and the fit and finish are outstanding. The handle is hardwood, 7″ long, and shaped to fit the hand comfortably. The mill has double sealed industrial ball bearings that are widely spaced to prevent wobble and minimize wear. Even with regular use, the Country Living Grain Mill will still be providing trouble-free service in your great-grandchildren’s day.

No hand crank mill is easier to clean than the Country Living Mill. Just spin off the adjustment knob, and the outer grinding plate slides off for total access to the grinding area of the mill. You can brush the flour off the plates and reassemble again in one minute.

The Country Living Grain Mill grinds hard wheat, oat groats (dehulled oats), rice, triticale, kamut, spelt, dent (field) corn, dried sweet corn, popcorn, split peas, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum, dry beans, lentils, chopped chestnuts and soybeans. (Big kernels like field corn require the optional large auger.) Herbs can be ground in small amounts. It will also crack grain to any size; you can set the adjustment knob to any consistency from extremely fine flour to meal to cereal grind or cracked grain.

The mill stands 13.5″ tall and measures 12″ wide & 10″ deep, excluding handle. Weight 17.7 lbs. Flywheel diameter 12-1/4″. The hopper capacity is 4.5 cups.

Country Living Grain Mills normally receive a final factory test with wheat. If you have a wheat restriction, just let us know and we can provide a mill that’s had no contact with wheat.

Optional Accessories:


The Power Bar Handle Extension for Country Living Mill extends turning radius for easiest turning. If you want to make fine-textured flour and your upper body strength and endurance aren’t pretty good, we recommend the handle extension. With this installed, even adolescent children can operate the Country Living Grain Mill. Because of the larger turning circle, grinding speed is decreased a little when using the handle extension. Tip: If you bolt your Country Living Mill directly to a table or similar surface, and if you want to use the handle extension, be sure to position the mill so that the flywheel overhangs the table edge—otherwise the extended handle will hit the table and not be able to go all the way around.


Now there’s a quick & easy way to securely mount your Country Living Mill to a counter or workbench. This indestructible clamp is made from 1/4″ steel and will mount to any horizontal surface up to 2-3/8″ thick with at least a 1-1/4″ lip. Good grinding results require solid mounting. With this clamp, all your energy goes where it should—into grinding flour


The Country Living Mill comes equipped to grind wheat and other small grains. For larger kernels like field corn or beans, the feeding mechanism will work best if you use an Auxiliary Large Auger. This auger is made of stainless steel.


A motor drive is now available for the Country Living Grain Mill. It uses a heavy duty reduction gearmotor for fast, effortless milling, and includes a guard to keep fingers out of the drive belt. The motor drives the mill shaft at about 66 RPM. This motorizing option includes a 4.9″ OD motor pulley, a 50″ belt, and the heavy duty wood base and belt tensioning motor mount shown. The motor drive is packaged and shipped separately from the mill, but assembly is simple and easy. This is a very high quality setup that runs smoothly and quietly and will do so for many years. Includes a belt guard.


After many months of testing and refinement, we are pleased to announce the Peanut Butter+Plus Accessory for the Country Living Grain Mill!

With the Peanut Butter+Plus Accessory, you can easily convert your Country Living Grain Mill into a lean, mean nut-butter making machine: The Peanut Butter+Plus Mill!

Grinding your own nut butters is fast and easy. No electricity required!

With the Peanut Butter+Plus Accessory attached to your Country Living Grain Mill, you’ll have the best hand-powered nut butter mill on the market. With it’s patented system, it processes even the largest peanuts that leave other mills clogged and useless. How do we know? We’ve tested the competition!

You can convert your mill back to a grain grinder at any time, by reinstalling the grinding plates. Now your Country Living Grain Mill is more versatile than ever!

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2 reviews for Country Living Grain Mill

  1. Misty

    I never knew how great it was to mill your own grain until i’ve tried it for myself.

  2. Annamae Toledo

    I’m glad I purchased this mill. Yes it is hand-cranked but for those who love electronics, you have an option to buy a motor which I did a couple of week after using it. I still hand crank sometimes but I do use the motor on big batches. So far, I’m not disappointed by any of these means. It’s very easy to use as you go along with the instructions I get very fine flour from it but I also use it to grind corn meal and it gives me the best of both worlds. Coarse or fine isn’t really a problem for this mill. We puchased it with the clamp just to be sure it is secure when we use it and it is really tight and secure. All our energy is focused on cranking up the mill to finish whatever it is that we grind. I’m glad to have made the purchase. Of course this is something laudable and would be very much worth it in the long run. I really like the fell of it which is very durable and I think the mill will see my son grow up with the cakes and pastries I make using it.

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