Flexible Impeller Pump – Enoitalia Euro 20


  • Flow rate is 4.4 gpm
  • 1.5″ Tri-Clover inlet and outlet
  • 220V single phase Input Voltage Required
  • Bare Cord for wiring with the appropriate plug
  • 0.5 HP motor
  • Recommended temperature range: 40 – 150°F (5 – 65°C)
  • SS head w/ Flexible Impeller
  • Self-priming
  • #PMP520


The Euro 20 is a great pump for smaller production.  Featuring a SS head with 1.5” TC fittings, this flexible impeller pump is great for moving wine or juice.   We have this pump set up with a forward and reverse on/off switch on the body, simplifying operation.

This unit comes with mounting points for if you want to mount it to a cart or filler/filter.


Can this pump move crushed grapes and wine must?

I don’t believe that it is designed to move must. I purchased it to pump juice from a fermenter through a dip-tube. When I use enzymes for color enhancement, the degraded tissue makes it through the mesh in the dip tube and plugs up the screens on a diaphram pump after only gallon or two. I have not used it yet, but it looks like it should work great for my application.

Is this pump self priming?

It is self-priming if the source is less than about 10 ft from the inlet. It’s biggest problem is that it has a hard time reversing direction. However, it is easy to disassemble the pump head and clean. I recommend spraying it with food grade silicone for storage.


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