Mockmill 200 Stone Grain Mill

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  • Fast, fine flour mill makes healthy whole grain flours and gluten-free flours; mills all grains including wheat, rye, ancient grains, dried legumes, chickpeas, quinoa, plus dry spices, and more
  • Mills 200g (7oz) of flour per minute with push-button ease; Foolproof fineness-adjustment; Mills extremely fine pastry-flour through to cracked grains; No-mess, flour delivery spout; Easy-on-the-ears; Self-cleaning; Tool-free disassembly
  • 6 year warranty provided by Wolfgang Mock
  • Harder-than-granite, near-diamond, proprietary “star sculpted” corundum-ceramic mill stones
  • Compact, countertop-friendly design. Earth-friendly, renewable, and durable housing made from 98% natural plant-based fibers; Precision German engineering

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The Mockmill® 200 is Wolfgang Mock’s latest creation in high end, yet affordable
German-engineered countertop stone mills:

  • Same compact footprint for countertop or storage.
  • Fast milling.
  • Set it and forget it!
  • Pastry-fine flour at the push of a button.
  • Fine flour, coarse flour or cracked grains… you choose!
  • No-mess flour delivery spout.
  • Self-cleaning, near-diamond, ceramic mill stones.
  • Earth-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, strong housing.

The Mockmill® 200 flour mill allows you to quickly and easily infuse a vast array of foods and treats
with subtly sweeter, nuttier, more wholesome flavors:

Muffins and cupcakes, Pancakes, Bagels, Pizza, Cookies, Pastries, Sandwich Bread, Artisan bread,
Pasta and noodles, Donuts, Waffles, Pies, Breadsticks, Dinner rolls, Baguettes, Cream of wheat,
Cracked Wheat, Oatmeal, Croissants, Tortillas and flat breads, Hummus (quickly), Spices.

Plus, use the The Mockmill® 200 to create quick and affordable Gluten-Free Baking ingredients:

Chickpea flour, along with bean and pea flour, Buckwheat flour, Quinoa flour, Oat flour,
Oatmeal/cracked oat groats, Rice flour, Millet Flour, Oil seeds (together with dry grains),
Chia Flour, Sorghum flour, Tapioca flour, Corn flour, Corn meal, Teff flour, Amaranth flour.

Look how fast you can make the flour you need to create all your favorite tastes and flavors:

  • Key Lime Pie Crust… 39 seconds!
  • 6 cinnamon rolls… 68 seconds!
  • Banana bread loaf… 54 seconds!
  • 8 Pancakes… 54 seconds!
  • Pizza Crust… 64 seconds!
  • 12 Cupcakes… 45 seconds!

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7 reviews for Mockmill 200 Stone Grain Mill

  1. Carina McLain

    I was very nervous to buy this as there were no reviews, but I’m telling you what… this is SUCH a great product!! It works even better than my old one that broke. I am so very impressed with this mill. It makes a really fine flour! I had it on the finest setting and have not yet tried it on the courser settings. I have only used it once and I’m hoping everything goes well for years to come with this mill. The inventor of this mill should be very proud of himself! Happy milling!

  2. Riley

    I’m a student at NYU and love making bread. I was looking at other mills, but they were too expensive for my student budget. I read a lot about Mockmill and after thinking about it for months, I decided to purchase it. Since I purchased it, I’ve been making bread several times a week and love the results. The mill is fast, not very loud and the fine flour makes delicious bread. I even got $15 off my purchase!

  3. Sunil P.

    The Mockmill is a solid piece of equipment that does what it’s supposed to do. If I ever break this one somehow, I’ll buy another. Free shipping and no taxes was a bonus.

  4. Rob

    I got my Mockmill 200 a couple of weeks ago and didn’t understand how to adjust the stones. I called Plant Based Pros and Dee sent me a video to show me how its done. It works great now! Very happy with the customer service.

  5. Sai Patel

    The Mockmill 200 took my love for cooking and baking to a whole new level. Milling our own corn is really a great past time for me and my daughter. Thanks for making every pastry we do awesome!

  6. Diana

    It gives me the finest flour from its settings. I’m amazed how beautiful my Baked Alaskas come out ever since I milled my own flour. Thanks to the Mockmill 200, I can do everything at home. I’m thinking of selling these cakes since my mill is very efficient. I’ll start it up once I have my own ice cream maker at home. Hopefully you guys would have an ice cream maker for me. Thank you so much!

  7. Pizza Viaggio

    Thank you guys very much. It arrived last night I cleaned it and milled some flour for starter. Worked like a champ. Just a heads up to let Mockmill know two of the rubber pads that go into the “feet” to keep it balanced and secure on the work surface we’re stuck to the card board shipping box. Found them in there after the unit would wobble and tilt. Not the end of the world but something to be aware of… I am sure you can’t run to Ace Hardware find that rubber pad. But overall awesome so far. Thank you for the quick shipping and good price. We will start following you guy on Social Media (Instagram Pizza_Viaggio).

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