ProOne G2.0 7″ Filter Element

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  • ProOne 7″ G2.0 Filter Elements.
  • No need to purchase and attach add-on filters to remove Fluoride, Arsenic or other Heavy metals.
  • No priming needed.
  • 2.75″ diameter.
  • Leaves good minerals including Calcium in water.


Looking For Replacement Filters For Your Gravity System?

Did you know that ProOne® G2.0 gravity filters fit most competitive gravity system brands including Alexapure, AquaCera, Doulton (British Berkefeld), Berkey®, Patriot Pure, and Waterdrop?* With four different sizes available, rest assured there is a ProOne® G2.0 gravity filter to meet and exceed your needs.

Here’s what you should know about the ProOne® G2.0 filter:

  • NSF/ANSI-42 component certified quality – we don’t just say it, we back it up – see our NSF certification
  • NSF/ANSI standards independently lab tested – see our published lab report
  • All-in-one filter technology – no add on fluoride filter required
  • No need to store in a wet container when not in use
  • Comes with a full factory warranty – no prorated terms
  • Does not contain alumina (aluminum oxide)
  • Does not contain coconut carbon
  • Infused outer ceramic shell helps prevent the growth of bacteria causing biofouling on the filter, proprietary carbon based granular media inside the core

Concerned about what’s in your drinking water?

The ProOne® G2.0 filter by ProOne® is ideal for use with most water sources including lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, rain and tap water. The new ProOne® G2.0 “ALL-IN-ONE” CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER combines silver infused white ceramic with new ProSorb™ granular activated carbon based media. In addition to primary contaminants, only the ProOne® G2.0 filter element helps reduce or remove heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, chloramines, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and more. The ProOne® G2.0 filter is easy to install, use and clean – no priming required and no additional add-on filters necessary to remove fluoride. The ProOne® G2.0 “ALL-IN-ONE” CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER has been tested to meet NSF/ANSI standards 42 & 53 and NSF/ANSI Protocol P231.

The ProOne® G2.0 filter has been tested in accordance with NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards, and the only “ALL-IN-ONE” CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER that qualifies as a microbiological water purifier by NSF/ANSI protocol P231.

Test results from an independent water testing lab certified by the state of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection show the ProOne® G2.0 filter removes and/or reduces contaminants including heavy metals, VOC’s, monochloramines, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, Giardia and more without any add-on filters. Even the contaminants that were found in the Toledo and West Virginia water supplies are covered by the ProOne® G2.0 filter.

Now here’s why the ProOne® G2.0 is technically advanced over other gravity filters

  1. You don’t need to prime the ProOne® G2.0 filter – It doesn’t make sense – if you’re trying to filter out contaminants in your water, why use contaminated water to prime your filters
  2. There’s no need to buy any additional device to prime your filters
  3. Fluoride, arsenic and other heavy metals are reduced/removed by a process called absorption using a specially formulated carbon based granular media inside the ProOne® G2.0, not alumina as used by other manufacturers in their add-on filters.
  4. The ProOne® G2.0 is silver infused which helps prevent the growth of bacteria
  5. Engineered to maintain its structural integrity and uses the most advanced materials to prevent any potential base separation
  6. Sized at 2.75” diameter rather than 2” as with other brands of gravity filters for maximum performance
  7. Leaves good minerals, including calcium, in water

The ProOne® G2.0 ALL-IN-ONE” filter ADVANTAGE– 

  1. No need to purchase and attach add-on filters to remove fluoride, arsenic or other heavy metals
  2. No add-on filters hang down into the water storage container that could leach into your drinking water
  3. No add-on filters to slow down flow rate
  4. No add-on filters that require frequent replacement and expense


Additional information

Number of Filters

1 Filter, 2 Filters, 3 Filters – BEST VALUE!, 4 Filters – BEST VALUE!

11 reviews for ProOne G2.0 7″ Filter Element

  1. Susan Roses

    I think these are excellent filters.

  2. Milani Murray

    NANO-SILVER in the Ceramic that makes this the only filter I trust to kill bacteria and remove fluoride. Worth the price, especially since they last 6 months. We’ve given this system and these filters to all of our children, knowing they’ll always have safe drinking water.

  3. Scott Waters

    It seems all the filters for gravity water filters are pretty much interchangeable. I check the lab results on each before choosing. The only caution is high of filter — if you have a small system the taller ones might not fit.

  4. Julianna Oliver

    I ordered this product to replace my berkey filters. These filters are NSF certified where berkeys are not. It fits just fine in the existing berkey container. The water tastes just great, better than bottled. It does filter at about 2x the speed of the berkeys with same number of filters. In addition, it filters every drop of water added to the top, this was something the berkeys never did there always used to be about an inch of water in the top, no more with these filters. Reason I gave 4 stars was the price point. They are a bit pricey, and the manufacturer recommends replacement every 6 moths.

  5. Sunny Moore

    Look no further, tis the water filter of all water filters. A plus plus

  6. Jason Gillum

    Our tap water is horrible and these filters work fabulous

  7. James Art

    The filters are easy to install and they work very well, much better than the black Barley filters. So far, they are highly recommended.

  8. Sean Beane

    Been doing a lot of research and decided to switch to these (was using berkey filters) and so glad I made the switch! The water taste way more cleaner and love the fact that these are NSF tested.

  9. Ed Dubina

    If your tap water tends to have a processed chlorine taste, this product takes care of that. Very worth the money and very easy to install, give you comforting piece of mind.

  10. Dana Tamura

    Filter is little pricey but we’ll worth it. I love the fact all I have to do is remove and scrub and it’s ready to be used again

  11. Debbie Stults

    This is the best filter I have ever used.
    The water taste amazing, and I love it that it takes out the fluoride

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