Royal Berkey w/ Black Berkey Elements

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— 3.25 gallon storage capacity
— 9.5″D x 24″H
— 8 lbs. empty
— High quality stainless steel container
— Easy flow spigot
— Complete assembly and maintenance instructions
— Compatible with the Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Filters

Royal Berkey purifiers cannot be shipped to California or Iowa.

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Royal Berkey Water Filters

Versatile purifier model ideal for home use and large-sized families (from 4 to 26 people) or during emergencies.

Added Capacity

The Royal Berkey water filter system is a step up in size from the Big Berkey. After years of research and customer feedback, we realized that some people who were using Berkey water filter systems were not always completely satisfied with the systems’ output. At the time, we offered customers who needed to shop for water filter solutions only two models online: the Big Berkey and the Travel Berkey. The customers using these units gave us useful feedback: They said that while they had normal-sized families, their water consumption demands were far from normal. Due to their unique lifestyles, customers in this group needed to buy a Berkey filter with a larger capacity.

We listened and found that this group not only used the water from their filter for drinking but also used it for things like cooking, pets, plants, and many other various demands. Many times, this group of our customers led active lifestyles in which they consumed more water than normal, lived in warmer southern climates or drank a lot of prepared drinks like tea or coffee. In our normal fashion, we listened to the demands of our customers and introduced another size of Berkey model into our growing family of products — the Royal Berkey water filter. Ideally suited for the demands of larger families and people leading active, high-water-use lifestyles, the adaptable Royal Berkey comes complete with 2 filters, detailed assembly instructions, and everything you need to start purifying your drinking water within minutes of assembly. Assembly requires no tools or special knowledge and takes only minutes.

Bridging the Gap Between Portable and Stationary

Like all of our water filter systems, the Royal Berkey water filter has a unique design. This design allows the upper container of the larger-sized Royal to be stored inside the lower storage container, making it compact enough to offer some portability. When nested for storage or travel, the Royal will fit inside its original box, which has dimensions of only 10” by 10” by 16”. While not as small as the units designed just for travel, this is still a small enough package to easily fit in the trunk of a car, your closet, larger kitchen cabinets, or a large suitcase. With the ability to hold four Black Berkey purification filters and its higher-water-pressure-producing height, the Royal Berkey water filter system can produce some serious amounts of water — 8 gallons per hour. Purchase your Berkey water filter systems today and experience the difference high-quality filters can make.

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5 reviews for Royal Berkey w/ Black Berkey Elements

  1. Paul M.

    The filters work great and the Royal Berkey lives up to its name. I feel like I’m royalty with the classy look and feel that the stainless unit has. Just by mere touch, you sense that the steel is durable and long-lasting. After replacing the rubber stoppers with silicone stoppers that are available online, the rubbery taste is gone. Cleaning is also a breeze and I just relied online for videos in doing so. Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Anderson O

    This is a great product. Our city water tastes horrible and we were constantly buying bottled water. This Royal works great! I have a large family so I oped for a larger one. It was easy to assemble and even easier to use. Make sure you soak the filters before using them to get a great flow from the beginning.

  3. Kirk H.

    We use to fill up 3-5 gallon bottles every week. We are saving a lot but still getting better-tasting water. When everyone was stocking-up all the water bottles because of COVID-19, we were sitting pretty. Great product.

  4. M.O.

    Love this product. Water tastes great after filtering. Our tap water always tastes like chlorine but the Berkey removes all the icky tastes. The quality of Berkey water is absolutely unmatched by other systems!

  5. Chris

    No matter how clean the water source is while on the road while traveling; we have safe, great tasting water.

    First thing we do when setting up at our campsite is to top the Berkey. Depending on the water quality we fill it with; we get at least 3-4 gallons / day of pure and clean cooking/drinking water – plenty for 4 people while full time RVing.

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