Vitaclay Smart Organic Multi-Cooker


  • Unglazed organic clay pot intensifies flavors and seals in essential nutrients, enzymes and vitamins
  • Aluminum and lead free. No non-stick chemicals contacting your food
  • Low temperature yogurt maker- probiotic rich and extra nutritious. Greek, regular or yogurt cheese
  • Germinates brown rice and makes perfect whole grains.Fully programmable and up to 4 times faster than conventional slow cookers
  • Please watch the video instructions on the catalog for help with the operating the item.
  • Power rating: 120 VAC / 60 Hz / 500-600 Watts

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Enjoy good health and create new nourishing traditions using the ancient art of clay pottery combined with modern innovation and technology.

  • VitaClay Multicooker is one of the healthiest ways to cook rice or prepare a meal.
  • VitaClay is LEAD FREE, ALUMINUM FREE, TEFLON FREE, and does not contain any non-stick chemicals.
  • The unglazed clay pot acts as a seasoning chamber allowing you to cook dishes that are low in fat and cholesterol without added oil or grease.
  • The double lid design conveniently maximizes steaming quality which speeds up the cooking process for tender and flavorful food.
  • When it comes to slow cooking, the VitaClay Chef Gourmet Rice & Slow Cooker truly lives up to its gourmet name. It QUICKLY brings food to boil — two times faster than most of conventional slow cookers; then, reduces heat to simmer for the desired time. This cooking process retains the texture of food, shortens the cooking time by half while maintaining food’s great flavor.

It’s like having an automatic gourmet chef right in your kitchen!

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Vitaclay contains an unglazed, organic clay pot that offers unparalleled health benefits. It is made up of award winning and highly prized Zisha Clay found in the mountains of Southern China and it is certified as ‘Lead-free”, meets FDA, CA 65 and UL safety requirements.

  • This clay pot does not contain any harmful lead or aluminum that could potentially leach onto your food.
  • It amplifies taste and seals in beneficial vitamins and nutrients.
  • Clay is porous and acts as a natural insulator that holds and absorbs heat to cook foods slowly and evenly bringing out earthy flavors and textures.
  • Avoid having to add extra sugar. Clay is alkaline and it interacts with the acidity of foods making them naturally sweeter.
  • Naturally thermal, clay cooks 4 times faster and stays warm longer which can cut your energy usage in half.

The beautiful clay pot can be easily removed so you can elegantly serve and display your meals to friends and family. A must have for any whole foods kitchen!

Clay Rice Cooker, Clay Slow Cooker, Ceramic Rice Cooker

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Whether you’re a busy parent, professional, college student, or the next world renowned chef in training, Vitaclay’s multiple features makes it easy to create fast, nutritious, and delicious meals for everyone to enjoy!




  • It is fully programmable starting from 10 minute warming increments and reaching to up to 5 hours of slow cooking.
  • Your whole meals or side dishes can be made in as little as 30 minutes from scratch with its easy to read clock and LCD display.
  • Delay Timer and Automatic Warmer settings allow your meals to start cooking automatically any time of the day.wake up to an early morning breakfast that is already prepared!
  • WHITE RICE SETTING (can also be used for Quinoa)
  • BROWN RICE SETTING (can use for Wholegrain, or Wild Rice)
  • SWEET RICE SETTING (includes Sushi and Sticky rice)
  • REHEAT SETTING (perfect for reheating your cold rice or food)
  • STEW SETTING (slow roast meat, steam beans)
  • SOUP SETTING (can be used to make bone broths)
  • YOGURT SETTING (can also be used to germinate brown rice)
  • WARM FUNCTION (after cooking your food will stay warm for up to 12 hours
fluffy rice, tasty Spanish rice & beans, bean cooker, clay pot cooker, smart clay cooker, bone broth


Open the lid …and see truly perfect fluffy rice every time with VitaClay. Soggy, undercooked or overcooked rice or grains is never a worry. The organic unglazed clay inside our smart multi-cooker doubles as a rice cooker–making perfect rice and grains from every variety.

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In order to preserve the quality and lifespan of your clay pot, here are a few helpful tips and instructions to follow.

  • When using your clay pot, avoid any sudden temperature changes such as placing a cold pot onto a hot surface or a hot pot into a cold environment, as this could cause shock to the pot and can result in cracking.
  • Be sure that water based liquids are always present in the clay pot during cooking to prevent the pot from becoming too dry and overheated.
  • Once you are ready to clean up, thoroughly wash or sanitize the clay pot and let it dry completely before you store your VitaClay in a dry and clean environment.

The clay pot itself is very delicate and requires gentle handling. High quality item requires high quality care. It’s worth it!

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