Vitaclay VM7900 Smart Organic Multi-Cooker


  • Unglazed organic clay pot intensifies flavors and seals in essential nutrients, enzymes and vitamins
  • Aluminum and lead free. No non-stick chemicals contacting your food
  • Low temperature yogurt maker- probiotic rich and extra nutritious. Greek, regular or yogurt cheese
  • Germinates brown rice and makes perfect whole grains.Fully programmable and up to 4 times faster than conventional slow cookers
  • Please watch the video instructions on the catalog for help with the operating the item.
  • Power rating: 120 VAC / 60 Hz / 500-600 Watts
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Enjoy good health and create new nourishing traditions using the ancient art of clay pottery combined with modern innovation and technology.

  • VitaClay Multicooker is one of the healthiest ways to cook rice or prepare a meal.
  • VitaClay is LEAD FREE, ALUMINUM FREE, TEFLON FREE, and does not contain any non-stick chemicals.
  • The unglazed clay pot acts as a seasoning chamber allowing you to cook dishes that are low in fat and cholesterol without added oil or grease.
  • The double lid design conveniently maximizes steaming quality which speeds up the cooking process for tender and flavorful food.
  • When it comes to slow cooking, the VitaClay Chef Gourmet Rice & Slow Cooker truly lives up to its gourmet name. It QUICKLY brings food to boil — two times faster than most of conventional slow cookers; then, reduces heat to simmer for the desired time. This cooking process retains the texture of food, shortens the cooking time by half while maintaining food’s great flavor.

It’s like having an automatic gourmet chef right in your kitchen!

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Open the lid …and see truly perfect fluffy rice every time with VitaClay. Soggy, undercooked or overcooked rice or grains is never a worry. The organic unglazed clay inside our smart multi-cooker doubles as a rice cooker–making perfect rice and grains from every variety.

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6 Cup, 8 Cup

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