Vitalizer Plus Hexagonal Oxygen Water Maker

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  • Structure Water – powerful magnetic and infrared forces reduce the size of individual water clusters, creating Hexagonal Water for more rapid penetration into your body.
  • Increased Oxygen – turbulent forces create a visible vortex, increasing the amount of oxygen in your drinking water – up to 30%.
  • Add Minerals – a mineral core within the unit releases structure-making minerals during the vitalizing process to help structure the water and increase alkalinity.
  • Add Energy – the resulting energy in Vitalized water is enough to begin to balance the organs of your body – within minutes after drinking.

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Vitalizer Plus Advanced Water Technology Awakens Cleanses Energizes & Revitalizes at the Cellular Level!

A growing amount of evidence suggests that drinking hexagonal water has numerous health benefits…. so why not be able to drink all you want?

The Vitalizer Plus was designed to create an unlimited supply of hexagonal water for every day consumption – it’s small enough to sit on your kitchen counter – durable enough to make all the hexagonal water you will ever need! The Vitalizer Plus incorporates basic principles utilized in nature to create the life-enhancing, hexagonally-structured water, your body craves!

Nature uses movement (swirling vortexes and natural curves), energy (magnetic fields from the earth and far infrared energy from the sun), minerals (naturally dissolved and ionized as water flows over mineral formations) and oxygen (incorporated as water splashes and falls). The Vitalizer Plus uses these same principles, to create vitalized water in your own home!

What is Vitalized Water?

Vitalized Water is hexagonally-structured – composed of six individual molecules of water, held together by common hydrogen bonds. This unique water structure is capable of rapid penetration within the cells of your body. Hexagonal water has been documented to improve hydration, nutrient delivery, waste removal, cellular communication and metabolic efficiency.

Vitalized Water contains more oxygen. The Vitalizer Plus creates a vortex of spinning water – incorporating oxygen just like it happens in nature. Vitalized water contains up to 30% more oxygen than normal water!

Vitalized water contains ionized, structure-making minerals – helpful in maintaining the stability of the hexagonal structure. These minerals alkalize the water – significantly raising the pH.

Vitalized water is highly energized. The energetic forces used in the Vitalizer Plus contribute to the creation of energized, electron-rich water, conducive to life and health.

The Vitalizer Plus – How it Works

The Vitalizer Plus is similar to a blender – and about the same size. Simply plug it in, and 3 different time settings allow you to energize your water to a personal level of preference.

The Vitalizer Plus changes any good drinking water into a highly energetic, hexagonally-structured beverage to quench your thirst and much more! (not intended as a water purifier. Do not use chlorinated or fluoridated tap water in the Vitalizer Plus)

Vitalized water is wonderful for mixing with soups, juices and other preparations. You’ll add vital energy to everything you make. And don’t forget your pets and plants. All biological organisms prefer hexagonal water. It works for them just like it works for you.

Vitalized Water is Affordable!

For just pennies a day, you can drink all the hexagonal water you want.

It’s Patented

The Technology and design of the Vitalizer Plus are unique. They are protected by US and foreign patents.

Durable Construction

The Vitalizer Plus is made from the finest, durable materials – 1 year repair/replacement guarantee.

Additional information

# of Mineral Cubes

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7 reviews for Vitalizer Plus Hexagonal Oxygen Water Maker

  1. Sarah

    WOW, WE LOVE IT. Got ours a couple weeks ago.

    This water is helping me already! I live in a very dry area, Phoenix, AZ. I have been drinking more water and feeling much better. It tastes very good, 10 times better than water coming from our filter system, Reverse Osmosis. Our system strips all Mineral and Poisons from our local city water system, it also creates water at a Ph 5 to Ph 8! I tested this myself. They also carry larger/smaller units as well.

    I would buy this unit before considering a lot of units on the market.

  2. John

    We distill water with the Mini Classic CT and run it through the Vitalizer to add minerals and O2. Absolutely wonderful! We use it every day and love it!

  3. Georgina

    Wow! This is so refreshing! My daughter purchased this last week, I was quite skeptical about this at first but when we tried it, this is indeed effective.

  4. Louisa M.

    Professionals from the medical field have made studies and tests on the varied effects of the Vitalizer Plus. The most recent batch has shown that a glass of the oxygenated water greatly improves the HRV or the Heart Rate Variability in just 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe the research I made because it sounds too good to be true but in the end, I decided to give it a try. As it promised, the oxygenated water it delivers to my system brings about a positive change in my well-being. Being hypertensive, I always feel tired and like fatigue is just taking over my body. It re-invigorated my system and now, I feel like I was never hypertensive at all. It’s been over a month now since this was delivered to me and using it is now part of my daily routine. A couple of my friends have already ordered their own units because of the difference they see in my body. Thank you for an amazing product like this Vitalizer Plus!

    A number of doctors and health professionals have conducted a variety of tests to verify the effectiveness of hexagonal water produced in the Vitalizer Plus(tm). Recent testing performed by Shelton Educational Services in Phoenix, AZ, showed that one glass of vitalized water improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV) scores by an average of 29.4% – in just 10 minutes. Similar testing showed that point scores using Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA) also improved significantly (24.7%), in the same 10-minute period of time. Other methods, including live blood analysis, body composition analysis, and Kirlian photography show marked improvement after drinking vitalized water as well.

  5. Libby Parker

    A diabetic like me should stay away from flavored drinks which contains a lot of sugar in it. I never really liked water so being diagnosed with diabetes was a pain. I was truthful to my doctor not being able to drink purified water. He recommended the Vitalizer Plus to let me have a taste on Hexagonal Water. I went with his advise and purchased the unit.

    I felt nothing in the first few sips. There is change with how it tastes though because it makes water lean towards the sweeter side. I continued my use of it as was suggested by my doctor and as a person who has diabetes, I’m not feeling the usual fatigue that I feel during the time I was diagnosed. Also, I’m now doing longer hours in working out and I still have the energy to play with youngest daughter.

    I’m glad that I took my doctor’s advise and switched to a healthier alternative to my drink. I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to switch up.

  6. Z Cochrane

    Wow, Wow, Wow! Skeptics are out there and they will tell you all sorts of things about the physical structure of water. This machine does exactly what it is marketed to do. If you want to feel great? Buy one, drink plenty of water, and see for yourself. Just to be sure, I tested my water with a water kit. I saw slight results, but was blown away by the nostrum effect. Water is the basis for life. Don’t be fooled by imitations.

  7. Chino MacQuoid

    This is just delighting us with each and every use. What’s the need to have coffee as energizer every morning when you just get energy from a glass of oxygenated water. I don’t feel exhausted after a hard day’s work and my body feels brand new thank to the miraculous effects that my Vitalizer has on my drinking water. I found it intimidating until I had a chat with one of your representatives. All complications dissipate because the machine isn’t as intimidating as it looks. Very simple to operate and very easy to clean as well. I like the fact that I can turn the machine confidently on and let it work while I make myself a breakfast sandwich. I can even store the oxygen-rich water in a separate pitcher for me to drink at home after a long day. Truly this oxygen water maker is one for the books and I can’t wait until I hear from my mom how well this simple machine helps her. I just recently ordered one for her and I’m all to excited for her as well.

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