Zummo Z40 Nature LM – Pomegranates


  • Smoky grey front cover.
  • Large Kit included
  • Automatic filter.
  • EVS Advanced juice extraction system.
  • New blade with improved cut.
  • NSF Certified; BPA Free

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Squeezing pomegranates has never been easier. Big amount of seeds and peel hardness of this fruit make difficult the squeezing process, but with the new automatic filter and mechanical improvements implemented in the Z40 Nature GarnetFruit, you will obtain an optimum squeeze with total autonomy.

Taste the difference
Efficiently squeeze pomegranate juice

1. EVS®Advanced
Unique vertical juice extraction system; a Zummo exclusive. Based on manual juice extraction system it achieves maximum profitability, obtaining the purest possible juice with the greatest operational functionality.

2. Adapts to fruits
Juice extraction kits and blade that adapt to the pomegranate size and hardness. Exclusive feed system that avoids jamming. Juice extraction speed that adapts to the specific resistance of pomegranate.

3. Automatic filter
Comprised of a belt that starts to move when the juice extraction starts up, sweeping away the seeds and pulp that remain in the filter: greater juice extraction performance and greater autonomy

4. Adapt tray
Dual-position tap continous or self service mode developed in the shape of a swing lever to optimise usability. Its exclusive Zummo design drains all the juice out, preventing it from accumulating in the base, and therefore maximising hygiene and juice purity.

5. Cabinet Store
Especially designed retail cabinet. It is characterised by the “Easy Fill” space at the top, making it easier to fill large-capacity containers.

Fruit per minute33
Weight121,5 kg
Dimensions69.37 (H) x 31.49 (W) x 23.62 (D)
Peel collectionBag
Fruit diameter Measurements2.09”-2.99” Opt: 2.52”-3.46”/ 3.03“ – 3.94“/ 2.09“ – 2.99“ Opt: 2.52“ – 3.46“ / 3.03“ – 3.94“
ProtectionBlockage sensors
Basket capacity44 lbs
  • Increased durability: as there are no elastic belts, there are no breakages, something that could also affect the optimal functioning of the blade.
  • Greater functionality: avoiding maintenance tasks and replacement of broken or worn belts. Cleaning the kit is also much easier.
  • Greater yield: the new kit leads to greater juice extraction yield. Thanks to its new design, up to 10% more juice can be obtained.

How does the automatic filter work?

The Auto Cleaning System improves the juicer’s efficiency due to the automatic cleaning filter. The new filter has a belt made of polyurethane that moves, thanks to a motor axle, when the squeezer is running. The belt cleans the filter by sweeping the pulp and the seeds resulting from juicing the fruits, which are then collected in the peel collection bins.


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Zummo Z40 Nature LM – Pomegranates, Zummo Z40 Nature LM – Pomegranates with Stand


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