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Zumex Multifruit Commercial Juicer Review – Great Juicer for Restaurants, Juice Bars, and Cafes

Learn about the Zumex Multifruit juicer! The Zumex Multifruit is one of the best commercial juicers on the market and gives a very high yield. This commercial juicer is perfect for those wanting to take their juice bar or cafe to the next level. Dee, from, provides a thorough overview of the very popular commercial juicer.

Dee shows all the parts and accessories for the Zumex Multifruit slow juicer and explains why this is a perfect juicer for your business. She runs apples, cucumbers, and carrots through the juicer and shows the juice yield. You can quickly make delicious juices for all of your customers. She ends the video by showing the quick and easy cleaning process.

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00:15 Specifications and Features of the Zumex Multifruit

01:49 Assembling the Multifruit juicer

02:45 Quickly Juicing Apples

02:59 Tasting the Apple Juice

03:28 Juicing Mixed Produced

04:36 Enjoying Juice From Mixed Produce

05:15 Cleaning the Zumex Multifruit

05:37 Final thoughts on our Zumex Multifruit juicer

06:12 Where to buy your Zumex Multifruit juicer