Baking Steel Mini Griddle

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  • The mini griddle is great as a stovetop griddle, induction plate and even as a cold plate
  • It’s great for rustic breads, pizza (naturally), breakfasts, meat, it’s just great
  • Weighing in at 13lbs and cutting a silhouette of 11.5″X11.5″X3/8″
  • One side is our classic baking steel, but flip it upside down and you have
  • The “world’s best consumer cooking surface” J. Kenji Lopez-alt‘s words not ours

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  • The Baking Steel Mini Griddle is a beast in the kitchen. Virtually indestructible and pre-seasoned with our proprietary oil, the American-made Griddle is up for any culinary challenge.
  • Weighing in at 15lbs, and cutting a silhouette of 11.5″x11.5″x3/8″. The Mini Griddle is thick but also easy to store.
  • The Mini Griddle has a dual personality. And that’s a good thing. One side is our classic Baking Steel, but flip it upside down and you have the “world’s best consumer cooking surface”.  J. Kenji López-Alt‘s words not ours.
  • The Mini Griddle is great as a stovetop griddle, induction plate, and even as a cold plate after its been frozen. Cook with us on top of your gas, induction or electric stovetops, grills, and ovens.   Oh, we fit into Breville Smart Ovens and other toaster ovens too! Get superb results EVERY TIME.
  • It’s great for rustic breads, pizza (naturally), breakfasts, meat, it’s just great. You need this in your life.
  • Cook anything, any time, any place. Perfectly. Create some love with the Baking Steel Mini Griddle.

A game-changer in the kitchen!

This extra-durable mini griddle perfectly fits on one burner, transforming your stovetop to neatly cook bacon, make English muffins, bake pancakes, and more. A thicker, smaller version of the wildly popular Baking Steel. Features a polished surface with a cleverly designed grease channel on the griddle side to catch drips from cooking.

And that’s not all! Flip it over and use it in the oven as a pizza stone to bake perfectly browned pizza and bread!

  • Comes in a handled storage bag
  • 11½” x 11½” x ⅜”
  • Cooking surface is 9½” x 9½”
  • Made in the USA
  • Works on gas, eletric, and induction stovetops

Stovetop, oven, and grill-safe. Hand-wash with light soap and water and dry thoroughly.

2 reviews for Baking Steel Mini Griddle

  1. Grace

    I love this product! It’s light weight and easy to wash the stain. Really worth it.

  2. Lydia Masterson

    My pizzas get the love they deserve in cooking them thanks to the Baking Steel Mini. My friend had a bigger one but since I have smaller space, I went with the mini. Usually, my mini pizzas are just snacks that my kids just take a bite and leave on the counter. Now, they are fighting over my mini pizzas thanks to the better texture that this product does to them. The crust has a better crunch and my pizzas don’t get too soggy. It can be a bit heavy for its size which I don’t mind at all as long as my creations come out perfect each and every time. I’m definitely trying more recipes now that I have the perfect tool to make them. Hoping to upgrade my oven so I can get a larger unit. Will buy another baking steel when that comes into fruition.

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