Baking Steel – The Big

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  • Same amazing construction as the classic 1/4″ Baking Steel but in a 1/2″ version
  • At 30 lbs, this is heavy
  • Recycled Steel
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Made in the USA
  • Inspired by Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine
  • Pre-seasoned with our proprietary oil
  • Custom sizes available
  • 16 x 14 x 1/2″
  • Flat and easy storage
  • For home ovens or home grills
  • Also great for rustic breads

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Baking Steel — “The Big”

Same amazing construction as the classic 1/4″ Baking Steel but in a 1/2″ thick version. The ultimate pizza steel for the ultimate pizza geek.

Baking SteelThe best pizza stone you can buy is not a stone, it’s a slab of steel. Steel is a more conductive cooking surface than stone. It transfers heat faster and more evenly at lower temperatures than stone, resulting in a beautiful, crispy crust. A crust with that coveted mottled char on the bottom that is otherwise so elusive.

The faster heat transfer produces more oven spring which results in a taller, airier pizza crust. This massive 1/2″ thick, 30 lb stone retains more heat than the Original Baking Steel for fast pizza baking turnaround time.

For use in or on your home oven, or on your outdoor grill. Use as you would a typical baking stone, only never worry about cracking. Can also be used as a griddle on your grill or stove top. Fine for gas, induction or electric stovetops.

Care and use instruction included. Care is simple — after use and cleaning, dry and apply a thin coat of vegetable oil. It comes pre-seasoned.

2 reviews for Baking Steel – The Big

  1. Iyah

    I just received this product and all I can say that it’s so amazing. It’s very convenient and easy to use. I will recommend this to my friends. Thumbs to this product!

  2. Lori Marshall

    As a pizza fan, I have tried a lot of ways to make my pizzas taste better. I started with microwaves, simple ovens, and convection ovens. I simply can’t get the temperature right. As a former New York Pizza fan, I want a taste of home here in the heart of Kentucky. I bought a larger oven and still couldn’t get to the taste I wanted and have been longing for. My friend recommended the Baking Steel and I purchased one right away. Immediately, the my Baking Steel Big did all the wonders for me. No more worrying about temperatures and what not because it has everything under control. No more undercooked, soggy crusts and raw cheese on my pizzas. Everything seems to turn out lovely. The fun part about it, I don’t need to break a sweat in cleaning grease off of it. I never realized how the material I use inside the oven may affect the quality of food I create. The Baking steel changed the game for me. New York pizzas every weekend is just something I’m looking forward to, thanks to this new kitchen must-have.

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