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Video Review: Kuvings EVO820 Citrus Attachment Review – 2019 Buyers Guide

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Learn about the newest Kuvings EVO820 Citrus attachment – a popular attachment for the latest model from the line of Kuvings cold press masticating vertical juicers. Dee, from, provides a thorough overview of the newest juicer attachment for 2019. You’ll find out how to make orange juice or a delicious citrus detox drink. Dee shows all the parts for the Kuvings EVO820 citrus attachment. Afterwards she runs oranges and limes through the citrus juicer and shows the juice yield. She uses different sizes of limes and oranges to show how versatile the attachment is.
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00:12 Going over juicer parts
1:25 Juicing starts
2:24 Juicing a lime
2:45 Closeup of feed chute
3:55 How to clean Kuvings EVO820 citrus attachment
4:11 Is the EVO820 citrus attachment worth the money?
5:12 Where to get your Kuvings EVO820 citrus attachment