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Video Review: Kuvings SV500 – Best Vacuum Blender 2019

Learn about the Kuvings SV500 Vacuum Blender – the preferred vacuum blender from Kuvings.

Dee,  provides a thorough overview of the newest vacuum blender for 2019. She shows the importance of vacuum blending in order to retain the freshness and nutrients of your food. Dee shows how easy it is to use the vacuum blender and shows the benefits of using a vacuum blender vs. normal blender. Learn how easy it is to make almond butter as well as a breakfast smoothie. Dee also shows all the parts for the Kuvings SV500 Vacuum Blender so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting (Please note that 2019 Kuvings SV500 shown in video – contact us to confirm product updates since 2019).

1:08 Going over SV500 parts

3:06 Control panel overview

3:51 Vacuum demonstration

5:29 Vacuum blending vs. normal blending

8:02 Breakfast smoothie in vacuum blender

8:57 How to make almond butter

10:40 Comparison of juice made in vacuum blender mode vs. normal blender mode

11:23 Is the Kuvings SV500 worth the money?

12:18 Where to get your Kuvings SV500 vacuum blender