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Alkaviva H2 Water Ionizer Review

Alkaviva H2

Alkaviva H2 Water Ionizer Introduction

The Alkaviva H2 water ionizers are some of the top water ionizers on the market. They remove unhealthy contaminants from your water and ionize the water to provide health benefits to you. A water ionizer helps you stay hydrated, increases alkalinity of water (7.0 pH to 9.5 pH) and increases water’s antioxidant potency.

Using slightly acidic water is great for plants as well as your skin and hair. Using a strong alkaline water (11.0 pH) is great for removing chemicals from produce. A strong acidic water (2.5 pH) works well as a household cleaner or antiseptic for cuts.

Alkaviva H2 Water Ionizer Overview

There are three different models of Alkaviva H2 water ionizers that have five to nine plates. The Vesta model has nine plates, Athena has seven plates, and Melody II has five plates. These plates are made with mesh and allow the water ionizers to produce alkaline water similar to much larger water ionizers.

The water ionizers allow you to select from 4 alkaline and 4 acidic set points along with a standard neutral pH option. The final option is great for times when you do not want alkaline water.

The Alkaviva water ionizers have valves in the front that allow you to control the flow rate through the ionizer. This enables you to change the pH of the water to your tastes.

Alkaviva H2 Water Ionizer Installation

The Alkaviva water ionizers can be used with a faucet diverter or connected directly to the cold water line. Connecting the water ionizer directly to the cold water line can look much sleeker than running a hose through a faucet diverter. Additionally, the direct connection gives your Alkaviva a constant supply of water without flipping switches on diverters.

Alkaviva H2 Dual Filtration

The Alkaviva water ionizers have two internal filters. The first filter is a rough filter that removes large particles and debris from the water. The second filter is a multi-stage biostone filter that removes chemicals, such as lead and chlorine. The filters will last for about a year depending on how frequently you use your water ionizer. Once the filters are due for a replacement you can buy a new filter for approximately $100. The filter life is displayed on the front of the water ionizer so you will know when to replace it.

The Alkaviva water ionizer comes with two types of filters. The standard filters include the rough filter and 0.1 micron biostone filter. You can also buy a higher grade 0.01 micron internal filter. This costs a little more but it will remove particles that are an order of magnitude smaller.

Alkaviva H2 Safety

The Alkaviva H2 water ionizers have several built-in safety features.

The first is a flow sensor to monitor the amount of water flowing into the unit. If the flow rate is too low then the plates in the electrolysis chamber will not be fully covered. This can cause the plates to overheat and start to degrade. The flow sensors will trigger an alarm if the flow rate drops too low. Once you hear the alarm you can increase the flow rate by turning a knob on the front of the ionizer.

The second safety feature are temperature sensors. The sensors monitor temperatures on the plates and circuitry as well as the water temperature. This first temperature sensor is a redundant safety feature that will trigger if the flow rate is too low and the plates start to overheat. The second temperature sensor will trigger if the water going through the ionizer is too hot. The Alkaviva can be damaged by hot water so you should ensure that it is only connected to the cold water supply.

Alkaviva H2 Cleaning

The Alkaviva H2 water ionizers are made for hard water with their double automatic reverse cleaning (DARC) feature. This keeps the electrodes clean and prevents minerals and contaminants from building up.

DARC cleans the water ionizer by reversing the polarity of the charge. This means that the pole that usually has a negative charge will switch over to a positive charge. Many particles are attracted to one pole and repelled by the other so switching charges constantly repels stuck particles. The Alkaviva DARC reverses charges every 20 seconds when the water ionizer is in use. This perpetual cleaning keeps the water ionizer clean, prevents scale buildup, and for this reason is a great choice for hard water.


Overall, the Alkaviva water ionizers are great products that can purify water for anyone. They can also produce alkaline and acidic water for any use. The products have a lifetime warranty so you will have comfort that any issues will be taken care of. Just remember to register your water ionizer within 30 days of purchase to activate your lifetime warranty.

Where to Buy the Alkaviva H2

You can purchase your Alkaviva Melody II (5 plate), Athena H2 (7 plate), and Vesta H2 (9 plate) water ionizers through Plant Based Pros and enjoy better water today! When the filters are due for a replacement, you can also find the standard pre-filter, secondary filter, and ultra fine secondary filter at Plant Based Pros.