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Kuvings EVO820 Cold Press Slow Juicer Video Review – 2019 Buyers Guide

Learn about the newest Kuvings EVO820 – the latest model from the line of Kuvings cold press masticating vertical juicers. Dee, from Plant Based Pros, provides a thorough overview of the newest juicer model for 2019.

Dee shows all the parts and accessories for the Kuvings EVO820 slow juicer along with the smoothie strainer and sorbet maker. Afterwards she runs carrots, apples, kale, cucumbers, and pomegranate through the juicer and shows the juice yield. She even puts in a whole apple to show how wide the Kuvings EVO820 feed chute is. A whole carrot is added to demonstrate the power of the auger. Afterwards, she shows how dry the pulp is after being ejected from the Kuvings Evolution EVO820.

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00:45 Going over juicer parts
6:54 Juicing starts
8:29 Whole carrot is put into juicer
10:26 Whole apple is put into juicer
13:22 Closeup of feed chute
13:40 Tasting the juice
14:52 Cleaning the juicer
16:34 Is the EVO820 worth the money?
17:12 Where to get your juicer


Hi Everyone, welcome to Plant Based Pros! Today we will be reviewing the latest model of the Kuvings Vertical Slow Juicer, the EVO820. It was released in most countries months ago and its finally made its debut in the states, so we are very excited to create a delicious juice with it.

The Evo820 is a single auger vertical slow juicer. It measures 19 inches in height by 9” in width and 8” deep. It weighs about 15 lbs. The unit comes in Dark Silver, White, Dark Red, Gunmetal, Black, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold.

In addition to making juices, you can also make nut milk, baby food, smoothies, cocktails and sorbets.

A ton of people prefer slow juicers because they create very little heat, so they maintain the vitamins and minerals intact. Juice from slow juicers take a while to oxidize so their shelf life is longer. The pulp from slow juicers also tends to be drier than its faster counterparts since it takes its time to juice the produce. The EVO comes with a long 10-year warranty.

The kuving comes with a juicing bowl, which holds 13.5 ounces. There are markings for ounces and millimeters. The bowl sits directly on the base. This is the coarse strainer and its used for juicing hard fruits, vegetables and greens and beans/nuts for making milk. this is the rotation wiper. The coarse strainer goes into the rotation wiper until it locks into place. Match the red dot on the strainer to the red dot that’s on the juicing bowl and push it right in.  The auger sits right in the middle. Push it down until it locks into place. This is the Drum lid and comes with a pop up shoot that can be locked into place when you want to use the smaller shoot. The most exciting part about the lid is that the larger shoot is a whopping 3.22 inches. It can fit a small apple so it will definitely save time on the prepping. Line up the red dot on the lid with red dot on the bowl and turn to lock into place. The pusher goes into the smaller feeding chute. It comes with 2 containers that are BPA free. This one collects the juice and it comes with a spout  and a handle to easily transfer juice. It has ml and oz markings and holds 32 ounces of juice. Pulp exits here and juice exits here.

Since I have a small kitchen, I was excited that the Kuvings comes with additional strainers to make smoothies and sorbets. Having an all purpose health machine is vital when having such limited counter space.

This is the blank strainer that can be used to make smoothies, ice cream or frozen treats

This is the smoothie strainer. When making smoothies make sure to add nut milk or other types of liquids between ingredients.

For cleaning, there are two brushes and a strainer cleaner. The strainer goes inside the brush and you turn it and it cleans the strainer in under a minute.

Lastly it comes with this innovative lid opener that allows you to take it apart easily if you prefer to use it.

It comes with a Manual

It comes with a recipe book that’s 103 pages with recipes on Juices , Baby food, Cocktails, and Frozen desserts

The smart cap can be lifted to let the juice flow out. You can leave it closed to make mixed juices. However, I like to leave it open as I’ve noticed that the pulp is more dry when I leave it open. There’s also a chance that it won’t overflow since most of us won’t be looking at the bowl while we juice. Close the stopper before pulling out the juice cup to avoid drips.

The power button is oversized and its located in the back of the base. This is the forward button or the on button. And there’s a reverse button that you can use in case anything gets stuck.

Let’s test out the juicer. Make sure you pick the most firm and freshest fruits and vegetables you can find because they will yield the most juice and taste better.

If you are juicing fibrous vegetable like celery, kale and greens, make sure you cut them up so the strings don’t wrap around the auger and clog up the juicer. If you are juicing the pre-washed varieties of leafy greens, there’s no need to cut them since they’ve already been cut into smaller pieces. The chute is big enough to fit small apples.

As with most juicers, it’s important to alternate between hard and soft fruits, especially when juicing greens. Remember to always end with hard produce because they help push the remaining juice out. Our machine is plugged in, I’ve left the cap open. I’ll start with the, Apple, move to the kale, the carrot, and continue alternating.

Use the pusher when necessary, give the juicer time to process one thing and move on to the next. When you put your greens you can also use a carrot to push them down or the pusher.

The apples, carrots, pomegranates and kale almost filled up the container! As with most slow juicers, the juice has a little bit of pulp. If you don’t like that, you can always scoop it out or simply use the included strainer to catch the pulp.

The pulp is very dry. A drop doesn’t come out even when I try my hardest to squeeze the pulp! Try to compost the pulp if you can. Some people add it to their dogs food or even save the pulp zip lock bags in the freezer to make vegetable soup.

This is a ton of juice. 32 ounces of juice. Let’s have a taste.

Don’t use the juicer for more than 30 minutes or it will over heat. Unless you have a gigantic family, there’s really no reason to run it longer than that. If you want to juice fruits with pits or hard seeds, such as mangos and avocados, make sure you remove the seed first.

I like that this juicer is super quiet and easy on my ears. It was very stable and didn’t move while I was juicing.

As for cleaning, with the smart cap closed, run water through the juicer until you fill up the juicing bowl. This is a great way to clean between juicing or when you are finished.

After juicing, turn the machine off and unplug it. Use the brush to to clean everything in the juicer. Use the strainer cleaner to clean the strainer. Wash out the bowls and wipe down the machine

I just finished cleaning the unit and it took me less than 5 minutes! I must say that the strainer cleaner did a fabulous job of cleaning out the strainer rapidly.

This Kuvings juicer is designed very well. It’s quiet, easy to clean and processed the produce efficiently. The pulp comes out very dry which means you’ll get the most yield out of your produce. The smoothie and frozen dessert attachments make this versatile health machine a winner – especially to those with smaller kitchens or limited counter spaces.

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