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The Best Way to Juice Celery

Learn how to juice celery with the Kuvings EVO820! Dee from Plant Based Pros shows you how easy it is to make celery juice. This is perfect for anyone who wants the health benefits of one of the most popular juices available. She uses the Kuvings EVO820 to quickly separate the juice from the pulp and creates a delicious emerald celery juice.

Step 1:

Break apart celery and wash each piece. Make sure that the inside is washed since debri and dirt tends to get stuck there.

Step 2:

Cut the celery into 1″ pieces. Start from the greenest part and work your way to the base of the celery (the white part). Throw away the white part.

Step 3:

Close the chute of the EVO820 juicer and start feeding it handfuls of celery. Make sure to watch the pulp and juice output so you don’t overwhelm the juicer. Once the the pulp and the juice start trickling it out, you add more.

Step 4:

Try your celery juice!

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